What is The Waffle House Meme and What Does it Mean?

The Internet is the birthplace of several weird trends and memes, and The Waffle House meme is new in the list of viral sensations. You may have seen the “The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host” meme everywhere on the Internet. The FYP page of TikTok is all about the new trend, and the amount of popularity it is getting was unforeseen.

What is The Waffle House Meme and What Does it Mean
What is The Waffle House Meme and What Does it Mean

When users like and enjoy something, it is hard to let go of it. The creators have hopped onto the trends, and top creators, namely Paul Breach and more such celebrities, have shown the way to the fans to indulge in this new trend. The users of TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and all other social media platforms are trying to decode the inner meaning. Well, it may be as simple as reading between the lines or wrecking your brain to find the real sense.

Just like this latest craze, there have been many phrases previously that have gone viral. But at least one thing we can vouch for is that those terms were at least easy to comprehend. One didn’t have to go through so many layers of perception to unlock the meaning. If you are wondering about the origin of The Waffle House meme, here is every piece of information to clarify your doubts.

What Does The Waffle House Meme Mean?

YouTuber Johnny RaZer created The Waffle House meme as a prank for internet folks. It means that the Waffle House is a curse of his channel and a running joke. This was made to create a trend with no legitimate meaning but only fun. He wanted fans to comment on random phrases in the comment section of all the videos they watched to make the process highly entertaining.

Be it a music video, a mukbang, a travel blog, or anything they prefer watching, he asked the fans to do it casually. But before making this a legit thing, he even asked his viewers to suggest a phrase that would represent the idea. 

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In 24 hours, the netizens came up with the phrase “The Waffle House has a new host,” and it went wild. More than 30,000 netizens have commented the same in his video. The purpose of the creator was to make it a viral trend. But it has gone out of hand. The internet peeps soon made The Waffle House meme, and now you cannot escape it.

Currently, all the creators fall prey to this trend; it doesn’t feel fun anymore. Though we know that the movement will die soon, the chaos it creates is unbearable. This is just a meaningless phrase, and it was not designed to intend any harm to anyone. You can only wait for the trend to fade or for a new direction to take over this latest meme culture.

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Johnny Razer Regrets Creating This Trend

The creator of the trend regrets making this. He is now trying to end The Waffle House meme because it creates a comment in the creator’s community. This trend was set to start on 31st January 2023. But, of course, no one would have waited that long. It began way earlier than the selected date. And currently, RaZer is trying hard to end this trend.

Johnny has put down specific rules if any new users are trying to participate in the trend. He stated that the new user must comment on the term in every video they watch. However, if someone else did post that phrase first, the other user will not be considered. Of course, that idea was never going to work. A bunch of new users continued to use the exact Waffle House phrase.

Upon getting frustrated with the insane hype surrounding the trend, Johnny further said to upvote the comment the users liked the most. But they must not flood the comment section with unnecessary words. He requested all to be respectful and take it in a sportsman spirit. The creator only wants to end this trend and stop all the chaos. It is making him regret starting it in the first place.

But The Waffle House meme also did boost his channel’s viewership. Johnny had 600,000 subscribers on YouTube at the time of making this video. But with its release, the video got more than 289,000 views and is still counting.

It is hard to tell if this is just the beginning of The Waffle House meme or if the end is near. What do you think? When will the meme stop?

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