The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date, Characters Trailer, And Know More

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward has surpassed all heights of weirdness in his latest animation series whose latest season The Midnight Gospel season 2 is all fans can think of. The show features podcasts from Duncan Trussel as Clancy Gilroy. 

However, the series shows Clancy as a spacecaster who travels from one world to another in order to interview the people of that land. But that’s, not it! In a world created by Pendleton Ward, things need to get weirder and weirder. And that’s pretty much what happens in these animated series. As every time Clancy reaches a different world and interviews its people, that world undergoes a catastrophic event that ultimately ends that particular world. And Clancy barely survives each time. 

Moreover, this interesting concept of humor mixed with the apocalypse, is backed up by an amazing animation that every single one of the viewers has admired. Hence, it only makes sense that they are waiting for The Midnight Gospel Season 2 to air soon!

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The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date

The Midnight Gospel’s first season was released back in April 2020. And usually, Netflix greenlights a show if it receives a lot of positive responses and releases the new season within a year. But the same hasn’t happened and The Midnight Gospel Season 2 still remains on the waiting list.

As Netflix has neither renewed nor canceled the series. This is surprising as the show received not only sufficient positive responses but also a fan base that went as far as launching a petition for new episodes.

Moreover, since the series features podcasts from Duncan Trussell Family Hour, there is plenty of content for season two and many more seasons after that. So, it seems like all Netflix has to do is greenlit the show for season 2, and begin the production for it as fans are eagerly waiting to watch more of the animated series.

Midnight Gospel Season 2
Midnight Gospel Season 2


The first season had several guests as each one dropped by for an interview. But Duncan Trussell as Clancy Gilroy remained as the lead throughout. So, if season 2 were to happen, Trussel will definitely be a part of it. Moreover, there were a couple of recurring voices by cast members Stephen Root, Maria Bamford, Johnny Pemberton, and Steve Little who would be there in the new season as well.

Besides these cast members, there will be several new guest appearances by celebrities just like in season 1. These appearances can only be confirmed once season 2 gets into production.

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The Midnight Gospel 2 Plot

The Midnight Gospel covered various topics in its first season varying from religion to legalization and managed to add humor to the series as well. It even ended on a spectacular note with Clancy and his dog, Charlotte not only getting stuck in a simulator but also the simulator exploding.

Then Clancy was seen on a train which was full of people he had interviewed previously. Now, if The Midnight Gospel season 2 doesn’t happen, the finale of the first season was enough for the show’s ending.

But, since fans want to watch more of the trippy animated series and there are more podcasts available, chances are Clancy will move to another universe. Here he will continue interviewing people and understand more what it means for different people to be alive.

All of this will only be possible once Netflix renews the show. Until then, all fans can do is keep making trends asking Netflix for The Midnight Gospel season 2 and rewatching season 1. And maybe then, season 2 will be released soon.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Trailer

Until now, there is no word on the trailer. It will only release after Netflix renews the show and production of the new season begins. Hence, we think that there is around a year or even more time left for the trailer of the Midnight Gospel Season 2 to release.

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