The key reasons behind the success of Among Us

Alongside the likes of Genshin Impact and PUBG Mobile, Among Us took the mobile gaming sphere by storm when it was initially released in 2018. Popular with groups of friends and family members, in particular, the game is a multiplayer masterpiece where up to nine players work together to find an imposter who is killing everyone on a spaceship.

A simple premise overall, Among Us instantly became one of the most popular mobile products ever released, as people all over the world immediately warmed to its hand-drawn 2D cartoon feel. The game contributed a great deal towards the dramatically improved mobile gaming landscape, too, with people able to tuck into Among Us before diving into console-quality releases and innovative live dealer blackjack games or roulette at an online casino, alongside a whole host of other more popular smartphone gaming opportunities.

While the success of Among Us is impossible to dispute, the game has declined somewhat. It still pulls in impressive numbers, but it’s not thriving as much as it used to. Despite this, though, the game is still a favoured choice for many due to its rather unique offering that has entertained mass audiences. While a natural decline tends to occur with most smartphone products, Among Us is still going relatively strong in 2022. With that in mind, let’s assess some of the key reasons behind the success of InnerSloth LLC’s superb creation below.

The key reasons behind the success of Among Us
The key reasons behind the success of Among Us

Multiplayer mayhem

Multiplayer games have always been popular as people generally like to test themselves against fellow gamers on earth, but Among Us had a slightly different but simple premise that enabled players to go that one step further and uncover a murderous rival. While the simple plot certainly helped also, the game puts our detective skills to the test and provides a tense and intriguing gaming session on the whole. Players are left guessing as to whether or not they’re right, then there’s a wave of characters occupying a small space, and a number of tasks to complete as the game progresses. Among Us provides ever-changing roles, too, with players able to experience what it’s like to be the guilty party, perhaps by ambushing people after hiding in a sneaky location. A multiplayer masterpiece, Among Us essentially has it all, but the multiplayer aspect, despite being simple, enables the game to stand out from many others.

Another key ingredient behind the success of Among Us has to be down to its simplicity. Some smartphone products, such as Fortnite, require more time and dedication, alongside the fairly tricky controls that more casual players perhaps struggle to master. Among Us, on the other hand, serves up a simple dose of gameplay that doesn’t take hours to master. Perhaps one of the main reasons why it is so popular among family members also, anyone can survive and thrive in Among Us. Once you’ve established a strategy, recognized various patterns of behavior, and even navigated your way around new maps, such as the headquarters facility and the polar base which was inspired by The Thing, you’re ready to go and uncover any liars in the pack.

Twitch streamers

Another contributory factor behind the rise of Among Us can be attributed to the array of Twitch streamers that showcased the game online. As soon as the game was featured on the popular live streaming network, player numbers soared accordingly. The fact that Among Us is free meant that millions of viewers could give it a try with ease and experience what they were watching online for themselves. Among Us 2 is canceled for the time being, but we’ll probably see it on Twitch once again.

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