Stardew Valley Fish: Every Fish You Can Catch in the Ocean, River, Lake, and More

Stardew Valley game isn’t just limited to impress girls (Haley, Leah and Abigail), watering plants, taking care of livestock, cooking, fighting with a monster in the mine, etc. The game has many other things which you can do to make it more exciting. Stardew Valley, fishing, is both an essential skill and money-making business. In Stardew Valley, it doesn’t matter either you are catching fish by using a fishing rod or placing crab pots or fishing nets. You just need to focus on finding the biggest fish ever.

Just like other simulation games, Stardew valley also has four seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each season of Stardew Valley allows you to catch a variety of fish. Once you become a master in fishing, then there are five legendary fish for you to capture and earn big rewards.

Even, you can build your fishing ponds, which will provide you with several other precious items apart from fishes. Here you’ll get information about Stardew Valley fish and when they appear.

Stardew Valley Fish Locations

In the Stardew valley, you can find fish in the ocean, lakes, rivers, and in specific levels of the mines. You can catch most of the fishes with a fishing pole. At the same time, some species can only be captured through a crab pot. Most of the fishes only spawn at a particular time. Thus, you can find some good fishes only when it rains.

After catching the fish, you’ll get some details such as Name, length, weight on your device screen. Every player receives a personal fishing collection book to keep track of how many fish they’ve caught and what’s their length.

Stardew Valley Fish

After catching Stardew Valley fish, you can either cook them or put them in the fish tank after restoring the community center.

Stardew Valley Fish Price

Throughout the Stardew valley, you can catch fish near any body of water. Every fishing spot has its rate of success. While some places are just a waste of resources as there, you can only find junk items.

If you are a good trader, then you can also trade those items against a few gold coins. Either you can decide to save them for turning into useful things by using the recycling machine, which you can unlock at level 4 fishing.

Stardew Valley Fishing pole Fish

Here is the full list of the fishes that can be caught through the fishing pole and their uses. Have a look.

Stardew Valley Night Market

You can catch this specie of fish only when you are riding in the submarine at the night market during the Winter season 15-17. You can bait these fishes during any weather, and at any time while the market is open, i.e., 5:00 pm – 2:00 am. Check the image below for more information.

Stardew Valley Fish: Every Fish You Can Catch in the Ocean, River, Lake, and More

Note:– Apart from these three fishes, you can also put lure to catch  Sea Cucumber, Super Cucumber, Octopus, and Seaweed while riding in the submarine. Moreover, there is just a 0.4% chance of finding a precious Pearl.

Valley Legendary Fish: Guide and Tips

In this game, there are five fish that comes under the legendary category. You can only capture these fishes in specific places and all of these posses high difficulty level to catch. When you try to lure them, they come out of the water wearing a hat. And this is the best way to identify them.

You can only catch one legendary fish per save game. In multiplayer season, each player can only catch one legendary fish. You can decide to catch legendary fish at any time and any season.

There is a lost book named “Secrets of the Stardew Valley Legendary Fish”. From this book, you can get some clues about the locations of the legendary fishes.

To lure and catch legendary fish, you must need some high-quality fishing tool, highest fishing skills and food bonus. For instance, Seafoam Pudding, the Iridium Rod, Bait, and Tackle like the Trap Bobber or Cork Bobber.

Catching these fish could be the most challenging task to do in the game as it all depends more on your luck than on good reactions. You just simply need to try again and again until you get the fish in your bucket.

Have a look at the legendary fish points table.

Stardew Valley Fish: Every Fish You Can Catch in the Ocean, River, Lake, and More


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