She-hulk’s New Mcu Origins Redefine the Hulk’s Endgame Story

Have you seen the first She-Hulk teaser yet? It is believed that Jennifer Walters’ came from the Smart Hulk’s Avengers: Endgame and we are still trying to find out what happened and how?. The first teaser showed us just a glimpse of the Jennifer Walters’ and now we can’t keep calm.

The 1st footage was released by Marvel Studios and had this first glimpse of She hulk and even mentioned it to be released in Disney+ 2021.  This short teaser gave us a brief idea of She-Hulk and even was also shown as a superhero lawyer.

However, other than that the teaser also gave a quick glimpse of  Mark Ruffalo’s returning once again as Bruce Banner along with the obvious the Hulk.

The complete MCU journey of Hulk had gone through a lot of interesting changes during Infinity Saga and also phase 4. In Thor: Ragnarok we have seen Hulk always having his calm and we have also seen his control in the Avengers: Infinity War and also during the war with Thanos.

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And after the endgame’s 5 years time gap Bruce Banner had combined with Hulk and is now the smart Hulk. Later on, this side of hulk helped get back the  Infinity Stones from different timezones to get all the dead back to life.

Even though by doing this his arm was very much injured but he still continued to do so. However, at the end of the movie he was wearing a mask and the surprise return of Ruffalo’s along with The Legend of the 10 Rings changed hulk back to Bruce’s normal form. 

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And after the teaser of She-Hulk, we can now think of a completely new perspective for this movie. It is more likely that Walters’ will be transformed as the hulk and it is more likely that this might be some after-effect of Avengers: Endgame story.


And this assumption is made on the glimpse of She hulk in this new teaser. The teaser clearly showed Bruce was in a lab with h Jennifer and it seemed they were testing something in a  containment area and that led to the transformation of She-Hulk.

Meanwhile, it was shown in the teaser that the Smart Hulk is having very good health and his arm no more seems damaged.  And only if this is not just another trick played by MCU we are hoping for 2 possibilities of this part of Smart Hulk.

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As we have seen his hand is fully recovered and no marks left it is possible that the existence of She-Hulk would clearly mean, he might be a part of this transformation of Jennifer at the time of Avengers: Endgame. Other than that this might be another way for Bruce to fix his damaged arm.

And after deeper research on this topic, it is more likely that the presence of hulk in Smart Hulk must have taken place during Endgame. And if this is in any way true it would completely change the theory and it means that hulk must have changed back to Bruce’s by a blood transfusion with Walter.

Other than this it will also raise a lot of questions such as what was hulk exactly doing during the 5-year gap. This would completely mean that he must have never indulged in the wars of Endgame and might have instead sent a replacement of him.

And if this gets any true the entire story would completely change and also it might be possible that he kept it from the Avengers. And it will then be a lot difficult to believe that Bruce never brought her in the war of endgame.

Other than that there is another possibility that after Smart Hulk Endgame’s story he might have faced the consequence. However, Marvel studio never made this detail any clear to us and as said by the art and creative team the Hulk’s arm was damaged permanently after the use of infinity stones.

Bruce’s presence in Shang-Chi even showed that his arm he had a damaged arm And if She-Hulk’s was made after the Endgame, it would clearly mean that something new has been planned after the deadly effect of the stones had on Hulk.

Thus we cannot keep calm to see what’s next and what is going to be in this all-new movie. Till then stay tuned with us for all the further updates about She-Hulk and all your favorite movies and shows.

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