Misremember a Christmas Story, What About an Erika Jayne Story?

Welcome back fam! Today we are here to discuss some quirky gossips about our most favorite show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill. And without any wait, I am sure that no quantity of botox can stop Kyle Richards from going all shocked with suspicion when Erika Jayne’s shattered an “unbelievable” storyline about Tom Girardi.

In this week’s episode of the most famous show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Richards, was seen questioning a person in doubt from Jayne, as she had had a lot of details to all the activities that involved the attorney, and her son, Tommy, from all the previous relationships.

Jayne split out breathlessly holding Richards saying that someone broke into Tom’s house and Tom confronted him after which he go for eye surgery and then her son has to go and help.  After that, she continued that her son had taken his car over 5 times over his own home and that stresses her out.

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Richards further on found out that Jayne had kept Tom’s episode along with the visit to the hospital a secret from everyone while the meet and greet was going on at the house of Garcelle Beauvais. And it seemed there was a pattern.

However, the further can only be known after some time is spent with Erika while all these big changes in her life hadn’t been discussed with anyone in the cast, as said by Richards. He added that when Erika keeps any secret it is difficult to support her.

Kyle Richards Calls Erika Jayne’s Latest Tom Girardi Story ‘unbelievable’

Kyle also asked about Erika’s newest storyline about the divorced husband Tom on the show. However in this season earlier, Jayne took everyone into shock when she shared that Tom has not been conscious for twelve hours as he had a car wreck. However, she had earlier shared about only an injury in the ankle from the car accident.

A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story

In Wednesday’s episode, it was also noted Richard that earlier Jayne used to speak a lot about her relationship with Tom while then going on a trip with the group to Lake Tahoe. And just a few days ago she had filed a divorce ending her 21 years of married life in November 2020.

And here the question arose if Girardi was ever burglarized, how’ can anyone find out? A lot of questions are running in mind right now Did Tom ever face the burglars? If he did was he hurt by them? And to follow, Richard asked What happened to your son? Did his car flip? Is he alright?

She further added, “that this story may soy unbelievable and that’s the particular word that she could think at that time. That this sounds too good to be believed. However, Jayne is now facing a lot of lawsuits and had a lot of allegations against her.

It is believed that she was having a luxurious life with Girardi with all the funds that were stolen from the plane crash. A very high action lawsuit was filed against both of them in December 2020 and it even showed that their divorce was just a show to keep the money safe from the debt collectors which Tom along with his firm owed.

As legal lawsuits against Jayne are increasing in reel life her friendship with the cast behind the scene is decreasing.

The author of “Pretty Mess”  Lisa Rinna is the only friend of Jayne as reported by Page Six last week. “Lisa is called the one and only friend as she defended her when some women were making a lot of fun of her recent episode, as reported by the sources. Till then Stray tuned with us and we will keep you updated with all such hot gossips further!

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