The Truth Concerning Matthew McConaughey’s Scent

Being a rich and famous celebrity can always lead to you having all the branded shampoo, soap, and deodorant and afford it with no further issues. And being rich also means you will have the power to even hire a professional to help take care of your skin and entire yourself. Maybe these are some perks of being a famous star.

Well, here we have a list of such superstars who are some of the biggest stars and still are suffering from a body odor( you must be like whaaaaa but yes! You heard it correct my friend).

And what if say one of your favorite actors of MCU had such a situation? And what if I say two really gorgeous actresses who have given us a big-time hit suffer from the same? And are we not curious yet who could they actually be? Not a matter of shame as its common right? But I would still love to see who these superstars are and do they really have the same sufferings as us?

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Let’s dig into some of our top A-list of Hollywood’s and check how some actors and actresses have received really bad reviews for their body odor. So here are a few celebrities with the lowest health hygiene.

We all know who Matthew McConaughey is and undoubtedly he is one of the most attractive actors of Hollywood. But also he is one of the worst scented stars. And here is how we know!

According to our reports and all the co-stars, McConaughey’s body odor is a hot topic for a decade now. And all the actors who had worked with him had agreed that he has not used his deodorants for almost 35 years or more.

As shared by Elite Daily, when McConaughey was shooting his film “Fool’s Gold” in the year 2008 with his co-star Kate Hudson. She use to bring him a salt rock so that he starts using something as a deodorant. Ans even after this his co-star has asked him to use deodorant however that he replied that he never used it.

As reported that there was never any perfume or deodorant on his body. And all the women he had dated or present in his life including his mom had even commented that his natural smell actually smells like shit and no person would like to be near him.

Even after all these facts, it can never be denied that he actually enjoys smelling good. However, you will be shocked to know that the “Dallas Buyers Club” is a lot particular about what he uses in his body. 

What Do His Co-stars Share About His Body Odor?

And when asked his costars said that he has a very different scent and mostly scents sweet and not usually bad or weird. And then Brown explained that just because McConaughey does not use his deodorant doesn’t mean he doesn’t keep himself clean. And further on added that he takes his bathe daily and is always clean. And undoubtedly he smells really good.


McConaughey has made it clear that he will not use deodorant no matter what. Not only this the actor was even also interviewed in 2005 for People’s sexiest man alive cover about how a man should smell. And even though he is not using his deodorant, Matthew always stays super clean and also showers multiple times a day.

Matthew McConaughey Mixes and Makes His Scents

And the fact that Matthew McConaughey has such a sweet lovely smell is because he creates his own perfume. Also once the actor was questioned that all his costars always commented how good he smelled in all the interviews. To which he shared that he creates his own perfumes and mixes them while using. 

Matthew was also a spokesperson once for Dolce Gabbana’s fragrances and there he had shared that he does not use any perfume for his unique scent. He further shared that everyone knew he was a mixologist however he stopped sharing his secret and said that he can’t share it with everyone.

Nicole Brown, who worked in “Tropic Thunder” with McConaughey, has shared a lot about his unique perfume even though he has clearly refused to share his secrets. Brown even shared that McConaughey somewhat smelled like an “oatmeal”.

She further added that he definitely doesn’t have any odor but always a scent of sweet cereals and happy life. And with this, we now know the secret behind the body odors of our favorite actors. Stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite actors and actresses.

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