Jeremy Clarkson Reveals France’s Reaction to His Multiple Driving Offences

Have you heard it yet? The Grand Tour will have a comeback this December and is shared by the host Richard Hammond, James May, and  Jeremy Clarkson, who is returning once again to all the adventures of french cars. This tour will be released on 17th December on Amazon Prime Video and is named the Carnage A Trois.

In a recent promotion held for the show, the hosts had answered a few questions asked by the press and had revealed some interesting facts. In the interview, Jeremy agreed that he used to drive with all the risks in France as they are least bothered about getting stopped over and over again. He further added that he admires the French shrug a lot as they don’t even bother to care or help you.

He further shared that he was stopped by the police a few times and if you beg them they just let you go. Further adding that as if they don’t care and this is the reason he loves France so much and it is also one of his favorite places.

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Jeremy also agrees that he had spent most of his time traveling in France compared to any other place. And he loves their attributes including wine and food and picturesque places. Also, he completely agrees that France is his utmost favorite place to travel.

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson

He shared that he has enjoyed France much more than any other place. He recently had also visited the south and southwest part of France and it was the utmost paradise for him. He further added that Paris was a bit weird for him but other than that France has a lot of beautiful places to explore. He then continued that he loves French wine, food, and their lifestyle

Jeremy Shares His Experience Exploring France

Jeremy then shares that he really adores the way people do not accept the government rules and burn the street cameras. He further shared that there is a lot to see and he has also faced a lot of problems in executing his plan successfully of Diddly Squat Farm. He had even applied for planning permission to renovate a lambing shed into a hotel to fit in at a max of 60 people. And with this idea, his neighbors have started a legal war to stop him.

The man who started the fight Mr. Dewar shared that the place doesn’t have much of a crowd in the area. However, if a hotel or a bar is open, a lot of crowds are going to gather at the place until 11 PM. He shared that it’s a very beautiful area and contains a lot of natural views.

If any bar is opened that will be lost and a place surrounded by countryside won’t be visible anymore.” He further added that if Jeremy gets permission to build a bar then the last chance of growing agriculture will be lost.

Till then stay tuned with us and stay updated with all such amazing updates.

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Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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