The Undertaker Joins Kevin Hart for a Bone-chilling Episode of “cold as Balls”

On a recent show, Kevin Hart, a comedian, and a Hollywood actor interviewed The Undertaker while both were sitting in bathtubs full of ice cubes, and in a fraction of seconds, internet users had a funny response. The Undertaker participated on the LOL Network’s ‘Cold as Balls’ show, where Hart had a hilarious interview with him. 

Meanwhile, upon seeing the funny interview on the LOL Network’s YouTube page, internet surfers took to Twitter to express their feelings. Twitter users appreciated Kevin Hart for the entertaining chat, as well as The Undertaker for making the most of his retirement from WWE with performances like these.

At the same time, fans have expressed their excitement in seeing icons such as The Undertaker and Mike Tyson interact with the public during interviews. 

The Undertaker on His Loyalty Towards WWE Boss Vince Mcmahon

Hart interviews new guests with a pair of ice baths in every episode. This time, though, he had a visitor who likes ice baths. At the start of the show, the WWE Legend frightened Kevin Hart with his scary Deadman style.

Kevin Hart
kevin hart

While talking to Kevin Hart, Undertakers shared so many instances like The Undertaker revealed much interesting insight regarding his career with WWE as well as his post-retirement life. “I believe one of the major reasons is the fact that I stayed there non-stop for 13 years,” 

Undertaker said in response to Hart’s question about being a part of the top-five list of all-time greatest pro-wrestling superstars. A different company informed me that no one would ever pay money to watch me wrestle.

He revealed that he always considered his career through the perspective of WWE President Vince McMahon, who allowed him to succeed. The Undertaker also revealed that he always wanted to keep wrestling but had to retire due to his body’s inability to control the stress due to his advanced age.

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He retired in 2020 and now spends his time with his family. He also revealed that during his 30-year WWE career, he had around 17-18 surgeries.

The Undertaker’s ability to stay in the ice bath surprised Hart at first. When Hart asked as to how long he had been in the ice bath, The Undertaker replied gently, “About 10-15 minutes. The Undertaker spoke about his famous 30-year WWE career during the night.

He also mentioned that his 9-year-old daughter was a big fan of John Cena. The Deadman has recently given a number of interviews in which he discussed his wrestling days and even the traumas and challenges he experienced.

The Undertaker loves Cryotherapy

Ice baths are a favorite pastime of the Deadman. He eventually goes to cryotherapy to keep his muscles relaxed as a result of his intensive training and wrestling.

WWE released a video from The Last Ride in 2020, in which The Undertaker mentioned his age and wrestling skills. He uses every available treatment to relax and heal. The deadman’s cryotherapy session was shown in the video. 

Cryotherapy refers to the process of cooling the body to a very low temperature. The Undertaker’s final match was a Boneyard match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. He announced his retirement at the 2020 Survivor Series, delivering his final thoughts to the WWE Universe.

The Undertaker was a part of some of the greatest matches in WWE history during his 30-year tenure. His WrestleMania 21-win streak is still going strong. Fans appreciated him for his wrestling performances, regardless of his serious attitude in the ring. We will be back soon, keep following for more entertainment updates.

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