Tom Holland Confirms Fight Scenes in Forthcoming Film Spider-man: No Way Home Is ‘very Violent’

Recently in an interview, it was shared Tom Holland that his character will have a lot of brutal fights compared to all other parts of the movie. The craze for Spider-Man: No Way Home is growing at a high rate and with the increasing time the excitement also increases.

The movie is all ready to show a huge fight among a lot of villains from the previous movies of Spider-Man However it is also finalized that an entire group of villains is going to be at war against the main lead Tom. And with such excitement shared I just can’t wait for the movie. Can you?

Furthermore, in the interview, Tom shared that there are a lot of violent fighting scenes and was also wondering how the audience might react to it. And as shared by him the fighting style is a lot different from any typical action movie we have seen. So are you excited yet to know what comes next in this upcoming spider man movie?

Even though Spiderman himself is a very powerful character, and has always proven himself to be one on the screen. While all other heroes such as Venom and Wolverine were always seen taking their revenge out in the most violent way possible, Spiderman on the other hand fights with no major harm to the villains. That means the villains are not affected by any critical damage.

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This image of Spiderman was also carried to the Marvel productions when Spiderman had his first movie with them in 2016. Even if Spiderman was beaten down in the middle of the 2 teams fighting in  Captain America: Civil War he was not in any serious fight.

And in the face-off between team Captain and Team Iron Man Spider-Man handled a few small fights.

Spider-man: No Way Home Fight Scenes Are More Violent Than Expected

Later on also in Avenger’s: Infinity War the role of Spiderman was not much of importance as he had used some of the basic skills to show his action. However, in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he is going to handle a lot of enemies and all at once. This also means that this time his swinging away from one place to another or fighting with webs will not be of much use as well.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

And as we can see in the trailer of the upcoming film it is clear that Spider-Man’s entire world has been completely in trouble. Also after all that happened in 2019, it clearly revealed spider man’s identity and showed that Peter Parker is the actual Spider-Man. And incomplete practice to make everyone forget about this using some magic everything goes wrong. And accidentally a hole in the universe is done and from that, all the villains entered the MCU.

As we have already seen some previews of Spider-Man fighting with both Doctor Octopus and Doctor Strange. We will also be seeing a scene in which Spiderman will be having some fights with  Lizard, Electro, and The Sandman. and we just can’t stop wondering what will happen to our favorite Spidey after such encounters.

Moreover, all the previous versions of Spider-Man that were acted by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguirewerehad a few fighting scenes and they always wished to fight. However, for Tom Holland, it is a bit difficult to picture. Moreover, we just cant wait to see what happens next and how Holland is going to fight all the villains altogether. 

Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite upcoming series and films.

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