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Seal Team Season 6 which was supposed to be out in March 2022 will not be released on the planned date. The ending of the fifth season of Seal Team took turns in a way that the fans are seeking the answers from Season 6. Even though it is clear that Season 6  will be there, it is confirmed that Season 6  will not be released in March 2022 as expected. This has left many fans defeated and raises the question of when Season 6 will actually premiere?

Seal Team Season 6: Release Date 

Seal Team Season 6: Release Date 
Seal Team Season 6: Release Date

It is still not confirmed when one could see the premiere of Seal Team Season 6. However, it is expected that Season 6  will be premiering somewhere in Spring in September or October 2022. With the release date of Season 6 in September or October 2022, the fans will soon be able to enjoy the post-production news. 

Season 6  will be following the weekly release format even on the online streaming platforms. However, an effort will be made to ensure that the episodes all go live together. Season 6  will also be only 10 episodes longer than the usual 22 episode seasons. 

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The trailer of Seal Team Season 6  is still not available online and one can see the same when a bit more progress is made in the working of Season 6. 

Seal Team Season 6: Casts

The previous casts of the show included David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Jessica Pare, Neil Brown Jr., Toni Trucks and Judd Lormand. It is believed that in the Season 6, the viewers might miss Max Thieriot who plays the role of Bravo-6 Clay Spence. It is because currently Max is engaged in some other project and the working date of it clashes with the shooting of the Seal Team. In Season 6, the viewers will be able to see Clay back in the game who will be playing the role of Max Thieriot. Along with him, even Aj Buckley will be seen in the Season. Other cast members who are expected to make an appearance in Season 6  are Judd Lormancd, Toni Tricks and Neil Brown Jr.  It is also expected that Mandy will be playing a very prominent role in the sixth season. On the other hand, John Glenn will be missing from the Season 6.


The plot of Season 6  will surely have more military drama and adventures. In Season 6, one will find elements of romance, thriller, action and suspense just like the previous five seasons. Seal Team Season 5 was a huge hit amongst the viewers and it managed a 7.7 IMDb rating. The final episode of Season 5 carried many personal moments. In the final season of the fifth episode, the viewers could see multiple rocket-propelled grenades landing down on a member of the Mali team. Season 6  will pick the storyline from there. 

Currently, the plot of Season 6 is under wrap and no official clue is available about what Season 6 will be all about. Two vital questions that will be surely addressed in the upcoming season are who managed to survive the attack in Mali and what is the future of Team Bravo. Season 6  will be seeing new competition and challenges for the Seal Team. Also, the story seems to see a blurring line between the professional and personal life of the Seal Team members. 

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