The Baby-Sitters Club cancelled by Netflix after 2 Seasons

The Baby-Sitters Club is cancelled after the second season and this has made many fans disappointed. It is a teen-focused series that is available on Netflix and Netflix has decided to cancel another season of the series after the fifth month of the debut date of the second season. The Baby-Sitters Club is based on a long-running series novel authored by Ann M. Martin. The series revolves around a group of middle-school friends who have created a babysitting service. They further run the baby-sitting service while dealing with the growing up issues. The Baby-Sitters Club has actually gathered a lot of positive reviews for portraying serious topics in a light manner. 

How Did The Baby-Sitters Club Perform?

Even though Netflix officially does not share the viewing data of its title, one can guess the performance of a series or a movie by looking at its rank. The second season managed to rank ninth on the streamer’s global English-language top 10 series list for the month of October between 11 to 17. The ranking was high when the second season premiered but soon, it was not visible in the top 10 ranks. The Baby-Sitters Club further did not make it to the U.S. top 10. 

How Did The Crew React To The Cancellation?

The Baby-Sitters Club-How Did The Crew React To The Cancellation?
The Baby-Sitters Club-How Did The Crew React To The Cancellation?

Rachel Shukert, the series creator and showrunner said that she always wanted to be a part of the world that was created by Ann M. Martin since her childhood. And she is happy to be a part of two seasons of The Baby-Sitters Club. Further, she said that it was like a dream come true. The cancellation of the show after two seasons has left her heartbroken but still, she is proud of the cast and crew who were involved in the series. She further went ahead to express her gratitude towards Walden Media and Netflix for giving the opportunity to introduce Claudia, Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacey, Jessi, Dawn and Mallory to the viewers. 

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The Baby-Sitters Club: Casts
The Baby-Sitters Club: Casts

The casts of The Baby-Sitters Club featured Sophie Grace as Kristy, Momona Tamada as Claudia, Shay Rudolph as Stace, Malia Baker as Marry, Kyndra as Dawn, Vivian Watson as Mallory and Anais Lee as Jesse. 

The Baby-Sitters Club has an IMDB rating of 7.4. It belongs to the genre of adventure, comedy, drama and family. The series made its debut on 3rd July 2020 and the filming of the series took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Paulilu Productions and Walden Media are the production companies. The two seasons of The Baby-Sitters Club features 18 episodes in total. Michael De Luca, Lucia Aniello, Lucy Kitada, Martin, Sascha Rothchild, Naia Cucukov, Frank Smit and Ben Forrer were the executive producers of the show.

Even though it managed to capture the hearts of the children and the parents, the same was not enough for the third season. According to reports, another season of The Baby-Sitters Club was cancelled because of the viewership versus the cost to the renewal process. The series that do not meet this renewal review process are often cut after two seasons. With the end of Season 2, it is time for the viewers to say goodbye to Stoneybrook. It is interesting that it was also previously an HBO show in 1990. The first two seasons of The Baby-Sitters Club did extremely well for the viewers who actually enjoyed the show. However, it failed to gather a lot of attention from the global viewers.

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