EntertainmentGirl From Nowhere Season 3 Expected Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Girl From Nowhere Season 3 Expected Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Girl From Nowhere Season 3 is expected to release. Girl From Nowhere made its debut in 2019 as a Thai language television anthology series. The series revolves around Chicha Amattayakul, who has been a member of Girl From Nowhere since the first season. She plays the character of Nanno who is a mysterious woman who travels pupils from school to school and in the process learns about the false narrative of the student. Girl From Nowhere is one of the most successful international series on Netflix. Previously, Girl From Nowhere Season 2 has premiered on Netflix. Later, on May 7, 2021, it acquired a new season of its first show. Currently, Netflix features both the first and second seasons of Girl From Nowhere and now, Season 3 is on its own. The first and second season of Girl From Nowhere has 21 episodes in total. 

Release Date

Girl From Nowhere Season 3: Release Date
Girl From Nowhere Season 3: Release Date

Even though it is known that Girl From Nowhere Season 3 will be there. There is no news about the renewal status of the series for its third season. However, it needs to be noted that the making of the second season took three years to be completed and therefore if there is Season 3, the release date is nowhere close. However, it is expected that Season 3 will be available during the summer of 2022, which is like one year after the release date of the second season of Girl From Nowhere. 

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There is no trailer of Season 3 available yet. With no official confirmation about Season 3 from Netflix, the trailer of the same is nowhere to be soon. However, there are promo and trailer of Season 3 which has been released by different fans accounts of the series. 


The ending of the second season of Girl From Nowhere has a shocking ending. With such an unexpected ending, Girl From Nowhere Season 3 is soon on its way. In the last season, the viewers could see Nanno lying in a pool of blood while kissing goodbye to Yuri. Season 3 perhaps will revolve around the question of whether Nanno is still alive or not. It can be guessed that in the beginning of the Season 3, the answers will be clear whether Nanno is alive or not. 


Girl From Nowhere has featured Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno, Tris Ren as Nanno again, Naomi Amante as Bam’s sister, Rich Ting, Kayli Tran, Michael Shen, Chanya McClory, Miki Yamashita, Yuuki Luna, Mei Pak, Morakot Liu, Kunchanuj, Nutnicha as Fong, Victoria Grace, Nicole Fong, Darren Keilan, Ji-young Yoo and Michelle Mao. 

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Girl From Nowhere belongs to the genre of crime, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery and thriller. Girl From Nowhere was first released on 31st October 2018. The country of origin of the series is Thailand. The filming location is the same in Bangkok, Thailand. GMM Grammy, Jungka Bangkok and SOUR Bangkok are the production companies of Girl From Nowhere. The running time of the episode is 45 minutes. The series has an IMDB rating of 7.7. With the huge success of the previous seasons of Girl From Nowhere, it is believed that Season 3 will be a huge hit too. If Girl From Nowhere Season 3 is available, it will be available on Netflix and it will be filled with a lot of drama and adventure in the third season of Girl From Nowhere.

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