Rocket League gets animated in Season 6

It’s a lucky year for Rocket League fans as Rocket League gets animated in Season 6. It will consist of cool and new battle cars and so much more exciting things.

People have been missing after the release of Rocket League season 5. However, they are happy to know that Rocket League season 6 is just around the corner. Fans will get an animated version of this season – which we are sure will take everyone by storm.

However, fans are curious to know the details of how Rocket League gets animated. They want to know when it will be released, the type of cars it will have, etc.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information regarding Rocket League Season 6.

Rocket League gets animated cars
Rocket League gets animated cars

Rocket League gets animated release date

The good news for fans is that Rocket League season 6 comes out on the 9th of March 2022. It will be released at 8 am PST and 4 pm UTC.

Keep in mind that this date is a long-running practice of the season. The new seasons will air on the same day when the old season expires.

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Rocket League gets animated cars

As Rocket League gets animated in Season 6, some new cars have been added to the season. You will be excited to know about these new cars.

Firstly, it will consist of the new nomad van. It will come with a well-traveled Decal and the Merc hitbox. You will also get to see a new arena for your animated cars.

You can also get batmobiles using the batman bundle DLC. This package will include various batman related products. Some of these are listed below.

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Rocket League gets animated trailer

Rocket League gets animated trailer gives you the complete cartoon vibe. Along with the cartoon vibe, the trailer shows new adventures for all their car characters.

Rocket League gets animated trailer shows us a bunch of new cars. According to the trailer, users can access various cars that they will love.

Rocket League gets animated details

According to sources, Rocket League gets animated and will see various items from the Fornax Series. They will come in soon after the release of the season as blueprints.

The cosmetic items in Rocket League gets an animated touch and so the pixelated shades in this season will be amazing.

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The arenas will also get an animated look in Rocket League season 6. You should also stay aware of the Nomster character. There are speculations that the character will influence various decals, wheels, goal explosions, etc.

The season where Rocket League gets animated is going to be a hit. After all, people are already loving it after watching the trailer. Hence, we are sure once they get to experience Rocket League gets animated, they will be overwhelmed. So, don’t miss it out!

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