Ratched Season 2 on Netflix Expected Release Date, Cast and Trailer

It has been a long time since we last saw Nurse Ratched on our screens. So, does that mean Ratched Season 2 was canceled? Well continue reading to find out about the views of Ryan Murphy on the sequel and its potential storyline! 

Ratched Season 2 Release Date

Ratched Season 2 Release Date
Ratched Season 2 Release Date

The great news is that Ratched Season 2 is confirmed to return. However we still don’t have an official release date for it. We can’t predict its premiere date either because Ryan Murphy is a busy man who has several projects under production right now. Netflix ordered the series with two seasons so we are sure that a second season will definitely come.

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The first season dropped in peak Covid era and it did quite well in terms of viewership and ratings on the streaming site. The fans have been waiting for a long time and hopefully this prolonged wait will be worth it. Sarah Paulson, the main actress in the lead, revealed in an interview that a second season of Ratched is going to happen but she is clueless about when it will happen. 

There are no official sources telling us about the filming schedule of Ratched Season 2. Moreover we best believe that the second season is yet to begin with its production. With that being said the second season will either come in 2023 or even later than that. Both Netflix and Ryan Murphy have been tight lipped about its details so all that we can do for now is hope for the best. 


The second season of Ratched will also feature the same core cast members. Of course Sarah Paulson will return in the titular role of Nurse Ratched. Along with her Cynthia Nixon is also confirmed to return in Ratched Season 2. This implies that the story of Ratched and Gwendolyn is yet to be told!

But who else other than these two will feature in the sequel? Finn Wittrock will reprise his role of Edmund Tolleson as the brother of Gwendolyn. And the rest of the long list includes:

  • Sophie Okonedo as Charlotte Wells
  • Brandon Flynn as Henry Osgood
  • Judy Davis as Nurse Betsy Bucket
  • Amanda Plummer as Louise
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Governor George Milburn

But if you’ve seen the first season then you must be aware of the characters which couldn’t make it through the first season. So, this obviously means that they won’t make an integral part of the sequel. Of course they can return in certain flashback scenes but then their involvement will be quite restricted. In case you need a little memory refresh these are the characters whose run ended in the first season:

  • Dr Richard Hanover by Jon Jon Briones
  • nurse Huck Finnigan by Charlie Carver
  • Lenore Osgood by Sharon Stone
  • Dolly by Alice Englert
  • Charles Wainwright by Corey Stoll
  • Harold by Jermaine Williams

It won’t be a surprise if the second season brings new faces into the fold of the show. There is potential for new characters and we are sure that Ryan Murphy will come up with some wicked and equally interesting characters. 

Ratched Season 2 Plot

Ratched Season 2 Plot
Ratched Season 2 Plot

For now we do not have an official plot synopsis for Ratched Season but of course the story will get old in continuity. The dangling plot lines of the second season will get solved and hopefully we’ll get a conclusive end to all character arcs. 

The final moments of the first season showed how Nurse Ratched and Briggs took a fresh start in Mexico. But they are not destined to have a happy ending because Edmund is adamant on killing his sister, Ratched. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise because the prequel has already predicted these harsh moments. Hence stay prepared to cry a river!

Another potential storyline is focusing on how Ratched became the evil version of herself. After all, what events led to her becoming unhinged. All of this will also involve Edmund, Louisse, and Charlotte. 


There is no official trailer for Ratchet Season 2. And we don’t know when we’ll get one because of the unsurity regarding the filming schedule of the sequel. But expect the teasers or any sort of promotional footage to come around 2 to 3 months before the official release of the second season. 

We’ll keep adding to this article in case of any more updates so stay tuned. The first season of Ratched is available for streaming on Netflix!

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