PS5 Pro reportedly in development, May Release in 2024

Many reports circulating online indicate that the PS5 Pro is in development. This piece of news is taking the internet by storm. It is particularly true for all gamers. Even though a few have cited that it is just a rumor, others are excited to know that PS5 Pro is already in development.

PlayStation 5 is running a wide range of latest-gen games, so what exactly can we expect from the upcoming next-gen console? Stay tuned if you are curious about such details because we have everything covered. So, without further ado, let’s start with the speculated release date of the console!

What Is The Speculated Release Date Of The Upcoming Console?

Firstly, Sony has not officially commented regarding the PS5 Pro. It is why there is no official release date for PS5 Pro. However, reports indicate that Sony will launch PS5 Pro in late 2024. So, yes, the waiting period is for more than a year. Now let us look at the new features we can expect from the PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro reportedly in development, May Release in 2024
PS5 Pro reportedly in development, May Release in 2024

Wait for a second! There is another speculation. However, it is not for the PS5 Pro but the PS6. Insider Gaming claims that Sony will not launch the PS6 until 2028!

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What Features Can You Expect In PS5 Pro?

Undoubtedly, the new console will house upgraded features. Firstly, many games expect a powerful performance from the upcoming console, which includes 4k 60fps. In addition, the running titles might be available at 8k resolution.

The catch here is that not all the games support such high resolutions. Therefore, the players might have to choose between the frame rate and resolution for most titles. However, PS5 Pro may provide users with a combination of the two.

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In addition, it also looks like Sony is looking forward to speeding up the ray tracing performance in the games. It is because Mark Cerny, a PlayStation architect, has recently published a patent. Of course, better visuals and performance go without saying for the upcoming console. Also, the console might house a detachable disk drive. We will be able to provide you with more details about the upcoming console when there is an official announcement about the same.

How Much Will the PS5 Pro Cost?

If Sony follows a pricing scheme similar to that of PS4 Pro, we believe that the pricing of PS5 Pro will be approximately $499.

What Is The Status Of The Console?

Currently, the console is in the development stage, as per the reports. This news can be trustworthy because, previously, Sony has followed the same pattern. It launched PS4 Pro after launching PS4. Therefore, if PS5 Pro is currently in the development stage, it is not surprising for many!

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Previously the chip shortage rocked the current-generation console market. However, now the situation is considered stable. But even after the stabilization, the developers need to release the past generation before selling more units. Sony expects to see a rise in selling consoles for FY23, which is logical for the launch of the next console. The company looks forward to shipping at least 30 million PS5 this fiscal year.

We will bring you more information on the console once Sony comments on it. Please note that all the features discussed in this article are speculation. What do you think is the possibility of PS5 Pro launching in late 2024? Let us know in the comment section below.


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