Pokemon Go Kanto Cup is Live: Choose The Best Pokemon

Season 6 coming of Pokemon Go is coming to an end. The game has unveiled the Kanto Celebration Event via which players can win the Pokemon Go Kanto Cup. The event starts from 22nd Feb at 4 pm ET and will continue till 1st March at 4 pm ET. This is a chance for players to flaunt all their best fighters from the Kanto region, i.e. Pokémons 001 to 151 in Pokédex.

Besides the fact that only some specific Pokémons are allowed in this Pokemon Go Kanto Cup event, there is another restriction. Players are allowed to use characters that are at 1500 CP or even below that. No Pokémon above that CP will be allowed this week in the PvP.

Moreover, since you only have a short period of time to win the Pokemon Go Kanto Cup event. Thus be prepared and get all the help that you can get. In fact, we have looked into all the Pokémons that are allowed in the event and listed below the best of the best for you.

Pokemon Go Kanto Cup

1. Snorlax

Although Snorlax is a Normal-type Pokémon, he has a great amount of defence and undeniable long health. Additionally, it has won the title of February research breakthrough Pokémon, making it a rare Pokémon among many trainers. 

We would advise you to use a Snorlax with a maximum CP of 1,482, or somewhere around this number, to compete and win in the Kanto Cup. It is strong against a ghost. Its best move set includes the fast attack lick and the charged attacks superpower and body slam.

2. Lickitung

Lickitung is currently one of the players’ best options to win the Pokémon go Kanto Cup. It is also a Normal-type Pokémon that has the ability to do serious damage against most of its competitors in these battles. It comes with a good amount of defence and also health. 

Furthermore, it is a versatile Pokémon with a variety of attacks available to attack various kinds of pokèmons. Some of the best moves set to provide Lickitung with this event are the fast move lick and the charged attacks, body slam and power whip. Lickitung is exceptionally good against Ghost.

3. Hypno

Hypno is a Psychic-Type fighter best against other psychic and fighting type pokèmons. Psyshock, Thunder Punch and Shadow Ball are bound to make enemies lose their fast attack confusion and charged attacks.

4. Alolan Marowak

Alolan Marowak is the perfect Pokémon for players who enjoy fire dancers as it is a Fire and Ghost Type Pokémon. However, we must add that this isn’t the best option available for this particular event. It is better than many other Pokémons available, and its move set will be a great hit against many Pokémon in the event, especially Lapras, Alakazam, and any Poison Type Pokémon.

We advise you to give it the fast moves hex and fire spin and the charged attacks shadow bone and bone club.

5. Blastoise

Blastoise is a great choice for someone willing to fight as a Water-type Pokémon since it has worthwhile defences. In fact, Blastoise can be chosen to fight for you in the first battle against another player and hopefully, it will turn out to be a solid attacker. 

As a trainer, we recommend you to teach it an exclusive move, the hydro cannon so that it has the ability to blow away Fire and Rock-type fighters. Blastoise’s best move includes a fast move water gun and charged moves hydro cannon and ice bream.

6. Lapras

Lapras is one of the strong contenders in this game. It’s a powerful Water and Ice-type Pokémon that players should find and add to their collection whenever possible. If you have this Pokémon, it is a great chance for you to use it in this competition and give your opponents a tough time. It is especially great against Snorlax, Lickitung and Wigglytuff.

Unfortunately, it does not stand a chance against grass and rock type Pokémons. So, team it up with a Ground or Fire-type Pokémon to form an undefeatable team.

The best move set to pair up with Lapras is ice shard for a fast move and skull bash and surf for charged attacks.

7. Mew

Mew is a psychic type fighter who is best against other psychic and fighting type Pokémons. It is a great option for players to choose from. 

The ideal move set includes fast attack Shadow Claw, Volt Switch and Snarl and charged attacks Wild Charge, Psyshock, Surf and Rock Slide. So, give this Pokémon a try and win the Kanto Cup.

8. Alolan Muk

Alolan Muk is a unique Poison and Dark-type fighter that is bound to help you win. It can be instrumental against Psychic, Poison, Grass, Ghost and Dark-type Pokémons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand much of a fight against Ground-type fighters. As a pro in the game, we advise you to make it learn snarl as a fast move and dark pulse and sludge bomb as charged moves.


We hope that the odds are in your favour and you get to emerge victorious in the last event of Season of Celebration.


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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