Nicolas Coster, ‘Santa Barbara’ and ‘All My Children’ Actor, Dead at 89: Cause of Death Inquest

Nicolas Coster’s cause of death was revealed through his Facebook page. It was updated by his daughter, Dineen Coster, who said the seasoned actor had been hospitalized in Florida.

Nicolas Coster Cause of Death

Nicolas Coster’s cause of death was due to complications of cancer for which he was seeking treatment. He died on the hospital premises. Dineen Coster gave the details about Nicolas Coster’s cause of death and the last few moments. He died at the age of 89 at 9:01 pm at a hospital in Florida. She claimed that he died peacefully after waging a long battle with cancer.

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It is confirmed that Nicolas Coster’s cause of death was due to complications caused by cancer – more specifically myelodysplastic syndromes. It is a collection of blood product abnormalities caused by cancer cells infiltrating the bone marrow. Furthermore, these cancer cells disrupt the normal blood cells’ maturation. Thus, causing an array of homeostatic imbalances such as anaemia, that is lack of red blood cells. Secondly, lymphocytopenia, that is decreased or abnormal white blood cells. Or it can also cause thrombocytopenia, which is low platelets. In a nutshell, myelodysplastic syndromes can affect any lineage of cells. And Nicolas Coster’s cause of death and specific blood cell abnormality is not known as it is still confidential information.

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Remembering Nicolas Coster’s Greatest Works

The actor was a well-known, household name for appearing in soap operas like “All My Children” and “Santa Barbara.” He graced the TV screens in daytime and nighttime shows, making him a household name. Born in 1933 in Britain, Nicolas Coster’s insurmountable talent took him to America where he got several acting gigs and high-budget projects.
His acting career thrived off his deep sense of characters – much of this was polished in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He went on to invest more in his craft by learning methods acting by the great Lee Strasberg.

Throughout his extensive and rich career, he ruled the tv screens through his performances in Titanic, Desert Rats, Sea of Lost Ships, Twigs, Wonder Woman, Star Trek: Next Generation, Another World, As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Buck Rogers and the list continues. Additionally, he showcased his talent in films such as Reds and All the President’s Men. Subsequently, he pursued several different roles to put his skills to the test one of the examples includes his performance in the musical, Seasaw and his first soap opera role in Somerset.

His latest works include The Last Exorcist, The Young Pope, The Deep Ones and Better Things. Finally, his memoir, Another Whole Afternoon shall keep his legacy alive on a more personal level.

He was loved by both the fans and the acting fraternity for his dedication and ability to emanate characters that were relatable and authentically portrayed. Nicolas Coster’s cause of death has been shocking news, especially since cancer has become increasingly prevalent.

Amongst his many achievements, he also got three Emmy nominations for his portrayal of Lionel Lockridge in Santa Barbara and he finally won an award for his performance in The Bay.

Nicolas Coster, 'Santa Barbara' and 'All My Children' Actor, Dead at 89: Cause of Death Inquest
Nicolas Coster, ‘Santa Barbara’ and ‘All My Children’ Actor, Dead at 89: Cause of Death Inquest

Daughter’s Post of Nicolas Coster’s Cause of Death

Undoubtedly, the family must be grieving the death of their beloved, Dineen expressed her sentiments in a Facebook post. She said she was lucky to be his daughter and he was an inspiration to her. Indeed, he was an actor many junior artists looked up to and had much to learn from.

In addition to the post made by Dineen on Nicolas Coster’s cause of death, many members of the fraternity also expressed their sorrows through Facebook. His co-star, Martinez reminisced how Nicolas Coster’s advice helped her perform difficult scenes. She said she’d always cherish his companionship throughout their professional career.

Finally, in this dark time, the family resorted to finding solace in sharing the information on Nicolas Coster’s cause of death with his fans and supporters. Moreover, his daughters, Dineen and Candice Jr. Coster and wife, Beth Pantel are rather accustomed to loss – since the Coster’s son Ian passed away in 2016. Unlike Nicolas Coster’s cause of death, Ian had an untimely death due to a drug overdose. Nonetheless, the family stays resilient and fans all over the world shall remember him as a soap opera icon. May his soul rest in peace.

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