Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Releasing Today, What is Expected?

The supernatural show about witches is soon returning to Freeform! Reportedly, Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 will wrap up the story with the upcoming episodes. How accurate is this news? To find out, continue reading the article! 

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Cast

The official confirmed cast lineup of Motherland: Fort Salem’s third season includes:

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Cast
Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Cast
  • Taylor Hickson as Raelle Collar
  • Jessica Sutton as Tally Craven
  • Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail Bellweather
  • Amalia Holm as Scylla Ramshorn
  • Demetria McKinney as Anacostia Quartermain
  • Lyne Renée as Sarah Alder
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph as President Wade
  • Victor Webster as Blanton Silver
  • Tony Giroux as Adil
  • Catherine Lough Haggquist as Petra Bellweather

Release Date

There is bad news for fans because Season 3 will be the last one to ever come! And it will start premiering on 21st June 2022. 

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Season 3 will show Camarilla and their fight against the witches. Now that Willa is dead, Raelle will most likely join their ranks. This means that now the witches have enough reasons to be united against one motive. 

According to the official synopsis of Season 3, the witch hunters will be working against the heroes from inside the White House. As the upcoming season is the last one of the franchise, it might be a tragic end! The witches must call in the ancient forces to protect their rights and fight the war to their full potential. They neither have a military nor a home. Things are about to become very rough. 

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There are 10 episodes in Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3. The first two episodes are now out! 

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Trailer

The official trailer for Season 3 was released a while ago, giving away a significant chunk of the plot. Abigail and Raelle might be having a double wedding! At least this is what the trailer suggested. Now that the first two episodes have already premiered, we suggest you stream them first and then the trailer. 

Check official Trailer:

Well, this was all you needed to know about Motherland’s 3rd and final season: Fort Salem. For more updates, stay tuned! 

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