Mohbad Autopsy Completed: Police Await Results

The recent death of Mohbad, a prominent Nigerian singer, has left his fans and the nation in shock. On Tuesday, news broke that Mohbad had passed away under mysterious circumstances. While an investigation into the cause of his death is still ongoing, preliminary autopsy results have been released to the public. This article will provide an overview of the initial Mohbad autopsy result.

Lagos Police State Efforts in Uncovering the Cause of Death and Mohbad Autopsy Result

Fans and family were impatiently waiting for Mohbad’s autopsy result after news broke out about his death under mysterious circumstances. Late singer, Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba A.K.A Mohbad, died 12th September, 2023. The Lagos State Police pro-actively took the case under their wing. Hence, investigations were instantly commenced.

Ilerioluwa Aloba, AKA Mohbad, was only 27 when he suddenly died. There were suspicions that he had been poisoned. Thus, the Nigerian Police Force and the  Lagos State Police decided to exhume the body. Exhumation is a process in which the buried body is dug up. In this case, it was done to carry out an autopsy and confirm the true cause of death. Many officials were involved in this decision.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the police spokesperson and Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, approved the exhumation decision for an authentic Mohbad autopsy result. He confirmed the announcement through his tweet on the official X handle. The decision was undertaken after the acting Inspector-General of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, issued an official directive to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Lagos governor, took the State Security Service on board to explore the cause of death through a thorough and comprehensive investigation.

Chief Medical Director, Prof. Adetokunbo Fabamwo, confirmed that the 27-year-old Afrobeats star’s body was in the Lagos State University College of Medicine within the Pathology Department.

On 18 September, a team of 13 to 19-member committee started the exhumation process, searching records of suspects, a discreet investigation, and health officials began the autopsy. On 21 September, the Lagos Police Public Relations Officer announced that the autopsy was completed and that they were awaiting results. The Nigeria Police Force also confirmed the news through a tweet.

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Mohbad Autopsy Completed: Police Await Results
Mohbad Autopsy Completed: Police Await Results

Mohbad Autopsy Result

As Nigerians still try to recover from the tragic death of the late musician, the officials are carrying out their work. They are constantly updating a nation that is shocked, shaken, disturbed, and desperately looking for answers. Yet, the Mohbad autopsy result will take a while until it becomes ready for the public. It is said that the interim report will be accessible after two weeks. Check this space for any further updates.

According to bystanders and eyewitnesses, the deceased musician was severely bruised and beaten, possibly by the same trouble-makers whom he was previously working with. The nurse who attended to him is also undergoing investigations. She reportedly gave Mohbad a tetanus shot when he came in seeking treatment for his bruises causing body pains. The autopsy report will, hopefully, uncover all these details. Hence, Mohbad autopsy result can change the fate of several suspects involved.

Nonetheless, the Nigerians are hoping that the Mohbad autopsy results are not fake or tampered with. Since all the events leading up to the autopsy are rather unusual.

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Prime Suspects and Professional Conflict 

Prime suspects in the mysterious death of the 27-year-old singer include former boss Afeez Fashola, AKA Naira Marley, and music promoter Sam Larry. The music star had a rift with the two before leaving their label, Marlian Records. Yet the duo continued causing a nuisance. After the news of the death was announced, videos of the duo disrupting Mohbad’s video shoots went viral. Zlatan Ibile was seen dissipating the conflict riled by Sam Larry. The latter was known for his constant bullying and threats toward the late Afrobeat singer.

The nurse who reportedly injected medicine into Mohbad while he was admitted under her care has also been taken into police custody. Mohbad autopsy result will help rule out the suspicion of malpractice or neglect.

Moreover, even before the Mohbad autopsy result, The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, Lagos State Council, disowned the suspected nurse. They added that she was not registered and that the Nigerian healthcare team does not approve any nurses termed “auxiliary nurses.”

Additionally, some people even went to the extent of blaming the family for speeding up the burial process to prevent getting accurate Mohbad autopsy results. Clinical autopsies done after exhumation tend to give different results. It happens because autopsy after burial is expensive and difficult since the putrefaction and decaying process has already begun.

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