Minecraft House Ideas – Ideas for Your Next Build

Are you a new player on the lookout for easy Minecraft house ideas or maybe a pro player searching for ideas to build a cool house? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place; a place that has got you covered and has some outstanding Minecraft house ideas to build your accommodation.

Minecraft House Ideas and Designs

We have not only listed the various houses that you can build but also their blueprints. However, you can edit and style your place in whichever way you want.

1. Minecraft house ideas For Easy Minecraft Houses

Minecraft house ideas

If you are a beginner looking for a Minecraft house ideas to make an effortless yet chic house, we have got just the right one for you; a log cabin.

• Materials needed:

You will need the following materials to build a log cabin. Players can shake things up a bit while building this log cabin to add some personal touch.

  • 101 Spruce log.
  • 31 Spruce planks.
  • 11 Glass pane.
  • 1 Door.
  • 8 Torches.

• Instructions to build a Log Cabin

First, a player has to choose an area where he wishes to build his house. For this log cabin, he will need a rectangular space of 9×6. Dig one layer deep inside this rectangular space and then cover the entire dugout area with spruce planks.

Now, the player will start with the construction of the walls. For the first layer of the wall, place the spruce logs on the floor surrounding by the wooden planks. The player will start by putting logs that are standing up in the corners of the cabin and the door frame. Place the door of your choice in between the two standing up logs.

Put logs on the side of the standing up logs that you put on the corners to fill out all spaces. Now, the player will start with the second layer of his cabin. He can put in windows in this layer for decorative purposes. Place the spruce logs on top of the previous layer. The logs on the corners and around the windows will be standing up. Now, the player will build his third and last layer of the wall with spruce logs.

The logs on the corners will be standing up. It is now time to build the roof. Place the logs on the edges in standing up manner. Put torches in the inside of your house for lighting. Decorate the interior of your comfortable home now.

2. Minecraft House Ideas For a Modern House

Minecraft house ideas

To build a large modern house in Minecraft, all you need is a world in creative and enough concrete with blocks.

  1. Setting the outline. On an area of 48×42, lay down the design with concrete blocks.
  2. Building the wall. One block away from the outline build a concrete fence three high. This will only be done for the back and sides, not the front.
  3. Making the front gate, use the glass pane to make the front gate.
  4. Creating the entrance. Use concrete blocks and quarts stairs for the entry.
  5. Setting the outline for the house. Fill the system and established another one on the northwest side.
  6. Building the garage. Make the line 2 back from the fence higher, for entry use stone slabs and to enter the house using two doors.
  7. Making the infinity pool. Build Paine stain grey glass and add water in it.
  8. Hallway and the front garden. To make it the same layer as the house build it with grass blocks make it higher.
  9. Make the stairs to heaven with quarts stairs.
  10. The kitchen will be made like a bar and for the second room make a wall from blocks.
  11. In the living room, the roof will be of glass and a set of stairs to higher the platform.
  12. In the hallway above use glowstone for light.
  13. Build the room next to infinity pools.
  14. Bake the bathroom, shower and door with concrete blocks.
  15. Make a small room with full freedom to choose to use any colour.

3. Cute Minecraft Houses

Minecraft house ideas

Minecraft is a game where you get to build a house of your choice. Since everyone has their favourites we have listed below some cute places:

  • Suburban House.
  • Asian Pagoda.
  • Underwater House.
  • Abandoned House at Sea.

4. Minecraft Village Houses

 Minecraft house ideas

There are many options when it comes to choosing a village house. You can build a farmhouse of any type or even a cottage. Cottages are one of the cutest village houses, and this is why we are going to teach you how to build it.

• Material Needed

The main materials that you will be needing for this build are:

  • Wool
  • Spruce logs
  • Cobblestone
  • Spruce planks
  • Windows

• Building your Cottage

To begin the build, first layout a floor plan. In your floor plan, the floor will be filled with spruce planks, and the walls will be made of wool. Moreover, they will be divided into panels through spruce logs. On one edge of the house, replace the floor made of spruce planks with cobblestone. You are doing this do build a fireplace.

From the wall that is close to the cobblestone, removal the wool from in between and dig a hole and fill it with netherrack and light it. Before lighting it, build a wall of cobblestone behind the hole so that no one can get inside your cottage or look at it. Construct an arch above the flames.

Also, pit iron bars in front so that your entire cottage is not lit on fire ever. Build all the walls of your cabin with wool and spruce logs. Put in a couple of windows as well. After you have made your cottage as long as you wish to, construct a roof of wool. Add glowstone lamps in the interior for lighting. Decorate the interior just the way you would like it to be.

5. Minecraft Medieval houses

A gamer has a lot of options for building a medieval house. We have provided the instructions for a personal favourite that is easy to assemble.

• Materials needed

For the main floor you need;  oak trunks, cobblestone, stone brick stairs, cracked stone bricks, glass panes, birch planks, iron bars and the door of choice.

For the second and top floors; oak trunks, white wool (or birch trunks – they look nice too!), birch planks, glass panes, stone brick slabs, iron bars and the door of choice.

For the roof you require; acacia wood planks, acacia wood stairs and glass blocks. 

For Decorative blocks for the outside; wooden trap doors cracked stone bricks and stone brick stairs.

Finally for the stable you need; acacia slabs, fencing of choice and fence gate. 

• Steps for building a Medieval House

  1. Finding a flat place to start with. The bottom of your house will be 9×13 block area so an estimated 15×20 block of sand will do. 
  2. To start building and Filling the bottom layer. Use the Oak trunks here to make a frame. Make a frame of 5 high, seven wide and 11 long—windows on the back and sides and room for a door in the front.
  3. Adding rest of the frame and Flooring. At the bottom of the frame, place five oak trunks. Then set five more in the middle of each side to make them level with the corners. Now build the roof by creating four more layers of support on top. Finally, add the flooring here, birch planks are what need to be used here. 
  4. This easy step requires you to make wool walls for the top 2 floors.  
  5. Framing out the roof and, adding the top floor. Add the flooring, so it lines up with the oak trunk support going horizontally across the front and back of the top floor. It should be five high. Now for the help of the roof place a line of oak trunks of either side. 
  6. Building the roof. An acacia stair will be placed on top of every acacia plank. 
  7. Making the roof fancy. Bring the plank and stairs out one block, and then add an upside downstairs to the bottom of the each of the blocks. Use oak planks to make your life easier.
  8. Adding the chimney. Make use of cracked stone bricks and stone brick stairs to build the chimney. 
  9. To decorate the out area: Again cracked stone bricks, stone brick stairs and wooden trap doors can be used to decorate the outside of the house. You can use glass panels for the windows. 
  10. Building the balcony: Use stone brick slabs to create the patio with five blocks complete and three blocks deep. The second layer of tables connects the first one to the house. 
  11. Adding roof windows. Use glass box to insert windows into the roof—six of each side. 
  12. Building the stable. Use acacia wood slabs and oaks to build the stable. Add fences if you like them. 
  13. Building basement. Different layouts can be used. Here it is eight blocks wide, 13 blocks long and four blocks tall. It’s great for mining as the stairs lead directly to the processor.
  14. Finishing the first floor. Finish this floor according to your liking. You can add chests, keep tools etc. 
  15. Finishing the brewing area on the second floor. Make it so that the ladder leads into the top floor. 
  16. Finishing the top floor. This is the last step. Again keep things according to you, add beds and decorate with armour stand decorating.

6. Minecraft House Ideas For Unique Modern Houses

There are so many unique houses for players to build in Minecraft. You can create a place in the middle of the sea or a beach house. You can also make a house underground or underwater. Since there are many options, we can’t settle for one. Below is a list of the unique homes we loved in Minecraft. You can find their tutorials on YouTube!

  • Minecraft Builder’s Realistic Mansion.
  • Modern Apartments of Minecraft.
  • The Palo Alto Lantern House.
  • Minecraft Villa.
  • Ocean View Modern Mansion.

Any house in Minecraft can be the best as long as you love it. Make your place stand out and mix any tutorial that you are following with a personal touch. We are eagerly waiting for you to try building these houses. Let us know in the comments which one did you make and how was your experience!


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