Millie Bobby Brown Marriage Photos, Ring and Dress Revealed

20-year-old “Stranger Things” star, Millie Bobby Brown marriage has been the trending topic of the twin. She was only 19 when she got engaged to Jake Bongiovi last year. The couple started dating in 2021. People did claim that she was too young to settle down when she was engaged, but her marriage has taken the world by a storm. Check out the details about the lovestruck couple who eagerly tied the knot in May.

Millie Bobby Brown Marriage Confirmed by Father-in-Law, Bon Jovi

Millie Bobby Brown Marriage Confirmed by Father-in-Law, Bon Jovi

Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi has announced that his son, Jake Bongiovi, has tied the knot with actress, Millie Bobby Brown. During an appearance on BBC’s “The One Show,” on 28th May Bon Jovi confirmed, “They are great, they are absolutely fantastic,” confirming the rumors about the couple’s wedding.

It was a very small, family wedding and the bride looked gorgeous and Jake is happy as can be. It’s true,” he added.

Millie Bobby Brown Marriage were photographed wearing wedding rings​

Millie Bobby Brown Marriage

The couple went public with their relationship in 2021 when Brown posted a photo on Instagram of them sharing a kiss while riding the London Eye. They later appeared together on multiple red carpets, including at the premieres of “Enola Holmes 2” and “Stranger Things” season four, as well as walking the 2022 BAFTA Film Awards carpet together.

The lovebirds are busy celebrating this massive transition in their lives. The two have not made any comments about their marriage. In fact, even their social media accounts are clean of any Millie Bobby Brown marriage photo updates. 

Moreover, their decision to keep things private came long before Millie Bobby Brown marriage. In a interview Brown talked about her reservations,

I think probably drawing the curtains, just because there are only so many moments in life that you get only once. And to have everyone’s opinions and eyes looking at that just feels unnatural to me. So I feel it’s important to keep those things — those small precious moments in life — really close to your chest.”

Nonetheless, Brown has shared that she has enjoyed organizing her wedding. Earlier this year, she said, 

“It’s been really an unbelievable journey. Every time we have a new wedding meeting, Jake and I take a picture to capture the moment of the planning process. He’s loving every second of it. I haven’t encountered any stressful moments yet, and I think that’s just a reflection of how ready and excited we are to do it.”

Millie Bobby Brown’s Engagement Ring

Millie Bobby Brown's Wedding Photo

The couple announced their engagement in April 2023 when Brown posted a photo on Instagram showing her wearing an engagement ring while being embraced by model and actor Jake Bongiovi, 22. In the caption, Brown quoted a lyric from Taylor Swift’s song “Lover,” writing, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all.”

Millie Bobby Brown’s Wedding Photo

Millie Bobby Brown Marriage

Millie posted a black-and-white photo featuring them both on the beach, with Brown wearing a diamond ring on her left finger, was posted by Brown. Bongiovi also shared a similar photo with the caption, “Forever.”

The announcement was met with criticism. Fans thought he was rushing into committing too soon, especially given that she was at the peak of her career. 

Yet the actress stood her ground and now the Millie Bobby Brown marriage news has just come out. It also explains the actress’ unwillingness to post about her marriage on social media instantly. 

Andy Cohen, an interviewer, directly asked Bob Jovi if he was okay with his son settling down so quickly. 

Jovi replied, saying, “I don’t know if age matters if you find the right partner, and you grow together,” he said. “My advice really is growing together is wise.” He added, “I think that all of my kids have found the people that they think they can grow together with, and we like them all.”

Clearly, he meant when he said that he loves Millie’s family and that Jake is very happy with her. Thus, Bon Jovi was the first one to disclose Millie Bobby Brown marriage news since he was so delighted by it. 

Millie Bobby Brown Marriage Officiated by Co-actor, Mathew Modine

Millie Bobby Brown with Matthew Modine in marriage

Matthew Modine, who portrays Dr. Martin Brenner, also known as Eleven’s “Papa” on “Stranger Things,” recently said that he would be officiating his co-star’s wedding. 

He said that he had a license that would allow him to officiate the wedding. When Millie found out about this, she immediately wanted him on board. Modine said he wrote a few lines of wedding vows for the couple, and Brown loved them. 

It is possible that he had a part to play in Millie Bobby Brown marriage. 

Millie Bobby Brown Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong

Millie Bobby Brown underwater Marriage Proposal

Millie shared a funny anecdote on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon about the time her partner proposed to her.

She recalled that he proposed underwater. “He gave me a shell and there was a ring in that. He puts the ring on my hand, and as I go to show him, the ring falls off my finger and plummets so fast, like a cinematic movie”” she said.””Jake threw himself into the water, like, so deep. The diver was like,”Youcan’tt do that. Your ears — literally, your brain will explode” But he does a cinematic like gra”open, and he saved the ring.”


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