Michael Oher Net Worth: From Poverty to Prosperity

Starting life with a humble lifestyle, Michael Oher net worth has been on the rise ever since he started his career as an American footballer. It is a massive achievement for someone like Michael, who had a troubling childhood. From honors to an impressive Michael Oher net worth, the sports personality did more than one could ever dream about. Starting his life journey from poverty and building that massive Michael Oher net worth wasn’t easy. The offensive tackle player even shared his life story in “The Blind Side,” an Academy Award-winning 2009 film.

Despite being among the most famous American footballers, he never forgets his roots. But how did Michael come all this way in his life? Michael Oher net worth has been an inspiration for generations, and here is how he turned his poverty into prosperity.

What Is Michael Oher Net Worth?

Michael Oher net worth is $20 million. The American football player draws a $2.7 million+ annual salary and $225,000+ in monthly income. Most of his wealth comes from his professional career. Unlike Chad Ochocinco net worth, Michael’s life earnings are well maintained.

Michael Oher Net Worth From Poverty to Prosperity
Michael Oher Net Worth From Poverty to Prosperity

How Does Michael Oher Make Money?

In 2009, Ravens signed Michael for a $13.8 million-dollar five-year contract. Later, the Tennessee Titans signed the football star for 20 million dollars. It was a four-year contract and was released by the Titans on 5th February 2015. Then he became a part of the Carolina Panthers after signing a two-year $7 million-dollar contract. Then he got a contract extension in June 2016 with Panthers with a signing amount of $21.6 million with $9.5 million guaranteed. So, all these earnings have summed up to become the Michael Oher net worth we see today. The player also gets royalties from the movie The Blind Side.

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To secure Michael Oher net worth, he has several investments and partnerships that ensure a smooth flow of earnings in his life.

Michael Oher Early Life: How Was It?

Michael Oher net worth was never something that the footballer could imagine because of her strained childhood. Born on 28th May 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee, he was born to his mother, Denise Oher, and father, Michael Jerome Williams. Sadly, Jerome has spent the majority of his life in prison, whereas Denise was a severe addict who was dependent on alcohol and cocaine. They were not able to raise Oher and give him a proper childhood.

Oher had no choice but to repeat first and second grades and change eleven different schools in nine years. The situation was terrible, and he got into foster care when he was only seven. He had to fight every day to survive. He went from home to home and was often homeless.

During Oher’s high school years, his father was murdered by Denise Oher’s brother. It was a tough time. But when he turned 16, Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne Tuohy took him in. And they became his legal guardians when Oher was 17. The couple helped him to focus on his education and even hired a tutor to help with schoolwork for 20 hours a week.

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Though Oher worked his way up, his grades didn’t allow him to get an NCAA program acceptance. But now, creating Michael Oher net worth has become his focus. So, he enrolled in Brigham Young University’s online classes. He quickly started getting As, and his GPA became good enough to attend universities. Oher got multiple scholarship opportunities from top-level universities but chose to be a part of the University of Mississippi and play for Ole Miss Rebels.

Michael Oher Career

Michael Oher net worth kicked off after playing for his university team. Oher soon earned a spot to become a first-team freshman All-American. From All-Conference to All-American teams, he was named to many such preseasons. The footballer gained reorganization by the 2008 season. After graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice, The Baltimore Ravens drafted the footballer in the 23rd pick of the 2009 NFL Draft’s first round. His adoptive family was present to support in making Michael Oher net worth and his first few drafts.

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Then he played for New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, and Carolina Panthers, and his career continued growing along with Michael Oher net worth. Michael won the very first Super Bowl in 2013. He is now happily married to Tiffany Roy, and the couple has four beautiful children.

Inspirational figures like Michael give hope to everyone struggling to fight their circumstances. The whole transition to fame took years of hard work and dedication. Michael Oher net worth is just another example that if you want to do something to change your life, then work for it instead of giving up!



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