MF Doom Wife Shares Heartbreaking Details About Rapper’s Death

Dumile Daniel Thomson, who goes by the stage name of MF Doom or simply Doom, passed away on October 31, 2020, during the worldwide COVID pandemic. Jasmine Dumile, MF Doom wife, recently revealed shocking information about her rapper husband’s untimely death. She shared some heart-rending news about MF Doom’s cause of death. After this, many people sympathize with MF Doom wife. The pandemic made it even worse for MF Doom wife as he was hospitalized during that period. Let’s delve into the details.

After two and a half years since his demise, MF Doom wife has confirmed that MF Doom’s cause of death was angioedema, a rare and instant form of swelling that curbed his breathing. This was caused by a very severe reaction due to blood pressure medications. Furthermore, the late rapper spent his last days in the hospital and was on a respirator until his last breath. He also endured the pain of kidney dialysis in Leeds in July 2020.

According to a LeedsLive report, MF Doom wife voiced her concerns about her late husband’s hospital care at the Wakefield Coroner’s Court inquest. She told the inquest that despite battling severe diseases such as kidney disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and hepatitis B that caused anxiety and weight gain, he seemed fit. However, after taking just two doses of a new blood pressure medicine, he had to rush to the hospital with shortness of breath and swelling of the tongue and throat. As per the grieving wife, the hospital’s room was substandard, with a bed and a metal desk.

MF Doom wife said, “I don’t want to say it was an old storage room. It wasn’t set up.”

However, medics told the court that the room was attached to the emergency department like others. Also, it is vital to note that MF Doom departed from life during the second wave of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom. So, it remains uncertain whether the unavailability of beds affected his treatment.

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MF Doom Wife Shares Heartbreaking Details About Rapper’s Death
MF Doom Wife Shares Heartbreaking Details About Rapper’s Death

She further told the inquest that Doom’s health suddenly worsened. On October 23, breathing difficulties aggravated, so he attempted to leave his hospital trolley. Unfortunately, he fell and suffered a respiratory arrest. He was treated with adrenaline, steroids, and oxygen. Luckily, the rapper’s health ameliorated, but he eventually could not sustain improvement as he was put on the ventilator.

In addition, Jasmine Dumile’s lawyers expressed concerns regarding the frequency of welfare check-ups. The legal representatives mentioned the instance where MF Doom had to wait two hours to get his medication for throat swelling. They also shared that, during another emergency, his call button was placed out of his reach. After receiving a call from her distressed husband, MF doom wife had to call the hospital herself. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was not allowed to visit him in person until the day he passed away, when the respirator was turned off.

The Hospital’s Stance

The St. James University Hospital looked into MF Doom’s death and shared their findings with his family after conducting a “serious incident investigation.” It also briefed the court about the medical staff’s strategies to treat patients with angioedema.

Furthermore, Dr. Hamish McLure, the chief medical officer, also sought an apology on behalf of the hospital trust. The apology read: “I would like to offer our sincere condolences to Daniel’s family, friends, and fans at this difficult time. I apologize that the care he received was not to the standard we would expect. We have put in place a number of actions, and the wider learning from what happened is to be used as a teaching topic in a number of different clinical specialties. We also support the coroner’s recommendation for clearer national guidance and awareness in this area.”

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Who Was MF Doom?

MF Doom was a British-American rapper and record producer. He was famous for his spectacular sense of wordplay and rapping skills. Other than rapping, the metal mask he wore made him even more enjoyable. Moreover, in the 2000s, he became a significant figure in underground hip-hop and alternative hip-hop.

MF Doom was born in London on July 13, 1971. He moved to Long Island, New York, United States of America, at a young age. MF Doom started his career in the late 1980s as KMD’s member, performing Zev Love X. However, the music group disbanded in 1993 due to DJ Subroc’s death, who was MF Doom’s brother. Later in the late 1990s, he started performing at open mic events, but this time, he began by wearing a metal mask. These masks looked like Doctor Doom, a Marvel Comics supervillain. After that, it became Doom’s stage appearance look, and he rarely ever took it off.

A Brief Look at the Late Rapper’s Personal Life

A beautiful chapter of MF Doom’s life started the day he accepted Jasmine as his wife. The year Jasmine and MF Doom got married is unknown. However, they both were married for an unspecified period until October 2020, when MF Doom passed away at 49. MF Doom wife, and he had five children in total. Tragically, in 2017, one of their sons passed away due to an unknown cause at the age of 14.

Jasmine Thompson, MF Doom wife, remembers her husband with great love. She said her husband was a wonderful man and an enigmatic artist, but he was taken away too soon. Now, he is survived by a widow and four children.

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