Mama Announces Ed Sheeran Performance, Special Collabs and More

2021 MAMA will likely be hosted by Lee Hyori, who’s the award presents first-ever feminine host Cp Park Chaon wook described her because the “past, present, and future K-POP and somebody who matches the idea of this 12 months MAMA completely.

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The categories will be different this year. Until last year music data from Gaon chart, Twitter and YouTube were included in the evaluation criteria. Data streaming from Apple music is also included in this year’s criteria.

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The most memorable MAMA performance last year was BTS’s ‘’life goes on’’. CP announced the performances that will be held at 2021 MAMA. British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran will perform at the event. Ed Sheeran also wrote BTS’s ‘permission to dance’.

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran


He is the singer who sang ‘bad habits’. He is also preparing a presentation of the mama version. He has ties with K-pop.

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The production team is preparing with several ideas in mind. Cp park chan stated ‘’we will create a stage that is like a gift for the fans’’. Other performances include ‘’street woman fighter’’ by the eight teams and a collaborative stage between members of major fourth-generation K-pop groups.

The Mnet Asian music awards are special for the announcements of the prestigious award winners, but it is also famous for its legendary performances and special collaborations. MAMA in Hong Kong was a night to remember that was full of never seen before stages and breath-taking collaborations.

this time mama will be held offline and in-person audience. Unlike previous years, fan votes will not be one of the criteria for determining the Artist of the year, however, choice top 10 awards will be determined entirely by fan votes, with no other criteria.

The grandest K-pop music award MAMA released its nominations on November 3, 2021. MAMA 2021 has not announced the grand prime nominations. Album of the year, song of the year, artist of the year. The remaining 14 categories were announced in a Livestream and on their official Twitter account soon after the life.

The MAMA 2021 has only one category reserved for fan voting and will have three grand prizes judged on multiple criteria without fan votes. Kim Hyun Soo, head of CJ ENM’s Music Content Division, revealed their plans to sooner or later maintain MAMA within the United States.

He defined, “We will expand the host countries to the Asian market and other close-by regions and later host MAMA in the United States.

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While centering around K-pop, we will invite celebrities who represent South Korea in film, drama, and K-lifestyle and strength communication with the generation between ages 15 and 24, showcase unique content based on storytelling and strengthen the global data that reflects the rising status of K-pop.

The CP additionally introduced some particular performances that may unfold on the 2021 MAMA


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