The Harder They Fall 2 Everything You Need to Know

The Harder They Fall premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, November 3, and was an instant success. With such a slick description and stellar cast, it’s no surprise that many people are wondering if The Harder They Fall 2 is in the works.

Directed by James Samuel and produced by Jay-Z, the movie is a hit. Fans of the cowboy film can’t get enough of it, and many are hoping for its sequel from Netflix.

The Harder They Fall 2 Release Date

The Harder They Fall 2 has not yet been greenlit by Netflix which is quite normal. As it has only been a few days since its global release. Normally, Netflix takes some time to analyze a movie’s overall response before deciding on its future.

The Harder They Fall 2

But given the first film’s social media response we’re pretty confident there will be The Harder They Fall 2 soon.

The Harder They Fall 2 Cast

While Netflix has yet to confirm the sequel, if the Western hit gets the go-ahead, we can expect some of The Harder They Fall’s cast to reprise their roles.

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Some of the actors who are expected to return are as follows:

  • Jonathan Majors as Nat Love
  • Zazie Beetz as Stagecoach Mary
  • Regina King as Trudy Smith

The ending also leaves the door open for Delroy Lindo’s Bass Reeves and Danielle Deadwyler’s Cuffee to come back as members of the law.

What happened at the ending of The Harder they Fall?

There are very few deaths by the end of The Harder They Fall. If you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s best to stop reading now and return to it later.

Nate as Jonathan Majors tracks down his rival Rufus as Idris Elba and kills him near the end of the film. There he discovers the shocking truth that his adversary is his brother, but despite this, an explosion of bullets hits his body in retaliation for all the damage done to the net.

While the scene depicting Net Love’s tomb may be perplexing, as he lives and is well, it was a perfect way for Cowboy to avoid being apprehended by the law after becoming a wanted man, while his brother was also barreled.

As the Nets and gangs parted ways and mounted their horses for new adventures, it was discovered that potential new adversaries were acting at the time of their departure, preparing for a possible sequel.


There is yet no news about the sequel of Harder They Fall. Hence this means that there’s no news regarding the trailer of the movie as well. However, if the movie does get renewed soon, a trailer can be expected in late 2022.

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