Lucifer Season 7 Release date Expectations on Netflix

Lucifer Season 7 is one of the most awaited shows and with no update, the fans have started wondering when exactly they will be able to enjoy the upcoming season. The popularity of Lucifer was such that it enjoyed six seasons and 93 episodes. Belonging to mystery, urban fantasy, comedy-drama and occult detective fiction, the series was extremely popular amongst the fans. The first season of Lucifer premiered on 25th June 2016 and the finale of the sixth season was aired on 10th September 2021. A few months have passed since the finale of Lucifer Season 6 and now, the fans are waiting for an update about the release date of Lucifer Season 7.

Lucifer Season 7 Release date Expectations on Netflix
Lucifer Season 7 Release date Expectations on Netflix

Will There Be Lucifer Season 7?

With no official release date of Lucifer Season 7, the fans have also started wondering whether there will be Lucifer Season 7 or not. Sadly, there will be no season 7. The series was supposed to end in its fifth season. However, Netflix decided to go for a sixth season to wrap the series.

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Lucifer was also previously aired on Fox too. During the initial few months, the show enjoyed high viewership. However, later the viewership remained consistently low. As a result, Fix decided to cancel the series after three seasons. Later on, Netflix decided to air the series on its platform and the series started enjoying high viewership again and it enjoyed another three seasons. However, the sixth season was the final season and there will be no Lucifer Season 7 according to the sources.

Is There A Chance For Season 7?

This is not the first time that Lucifer is facing cancellation. Previously, on 11th May, 2018, there was news regarding the cancellation of the show after the third season. The fans were so disappointed with the news that the hashtag #SaveLucifer started trending on Twitter. After that, a second hashtag saying #PickUpLucifer also started trending.

Things started to improve further for the series when an online petition for the fourth season of Lucifer started floating around. As a result of the social media activism of the Lucifer show, Lucifer Season 4 was confirmed. Netflix used this opportunity for airing the fourth season with the previous seasons on its platform. In order to honour the campaign that ensured Lucifer Season 4, the penultimate episode of Lucifer Season 4 was titled, “Save Lucifer”. Such online petitions and hashtags have previously ensured that the series gets renewed. However, not just hashtags are trending in the current moment and therefore, it is difficult to say whether ​​there are chances for Lucifer Season 7 or not. Looking at the current situation, it looks like there is no hope for Lucifer Season 7.

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Tom Kapinos is the developer of the series. The filming of the first two seasons of Lucifer was done in Vancouver, British Columbia. The filming of Season 3 to 6 was carried out in Los Angeles, California. The runtime of each episode was approximately 42 – 65munites. Warner Bros. Television, DC Entertainment and Jerry Bruckheimer are the production companies.

Will There Be A Spinoff Of?

Currently, there are no reports about a spinoff of Lucifer Season 7. No spinoff is expected because the stories of all the main characters of the series were wrapped up properly and there was no cliffhanger for any of the main characters. 

Until and unless Netflix doesn’t change its mind, there will be no Lucifer Season 7 and the sixth season of the show can be treated as the final season. Though it might be disheartening for the fans, one can sigh relief that the characters got closure.

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