Love is Blind Season 3 Release Date Confirmation on Netflix

The month of love has ended, but the emotion and drama are again ready to sail in the coming months. The next instalment of Love is Blind Season 3 is renewed by Netflix. Love is Blind has already won millions of hearts with smash successes.

When Love is Blind was premiered, it has garnered a lot of attention for its dramatic and eccentric writing. The story is all about couples where they meet each other and engage with themselves without knowing much about others. Love is Blind is a three-week dating reality television series created by Chris Coelen and produced by Kinetic Content. It debuted on Netflix on February 13, 2020.

What’s the good news for fans? Love is Blind Season 3 shoot has been already filmed, which has ignited the fan base to discover more about it. Let’s check the details.

Love is Blind Season 3: Release Date

After season 2, fans were worried, but a piece of great news came. There has been a long waiting period between seasons one and two. Recently, the giant streaming platform Netflix has revealed that the shoot for Love is Blind Season 3 got finished. However, the developers have not announced the actual date of its release.Love is Blind Season 3 Release Date Confirmation on Netflix

As per the trends, it is anticipated to come in the following years’ valentine week. It will take some time for post-production, and hence the time frame holds relevance.

Love is Blind Season 3: Cast

Unfortunately, no cast information has been revealed till now. The developers have shared that the upcoming instalment will have 15 men and 15 females as contestants. During a talk show, one of the developers has revealed that the casting department is looking for the same. Once creators get the potential couples, then most probably, we may end up sharing the details of the contestants.

Love is Blind Season 3: Location

The seasons’ location is

Season 1

  • Atlanta
  • Georgia

Season 2

  • Chicago
  • Illinois

Season 3

  • Dallas
  • Texas

The developers have confirmed the mentioned location of season 3 during a media talk.


As of now, the developers of this series have not announced anything compact about the hosts. Hence it becomes difficult for us to predict whether Vanessa and Nick Lachey will host the show or not. Considering their popularity, chances are high.

Love is Blind Season 3: Plot

The plot for the first two seasons remained the same, but it is speculated that season 3 might have some changes. As we know, all the seasons of Love are Blind have been unique.

We noticed that Love is Blind offers a realistic approach to the popular dating reality show in the previous season. Where couples are put through a speed dating process by Netflix, but no one can see each other. Instead, a man and a woman are interconnected with pods and communicate through a wall. The first seven to ten minutes of the dates are free, but after that, the members have complete authority to decide who they want to go on further dates with and how much time they want to spend with them.

 During that, a single can propose to someone after a period of pod dating. They can finally meet face to face if they accept. After acceptance, they go on vacation and are forced to talk to others whom they have dated before in the pod. They get back to their homes, discovering more about the family members. They decide their wedding if everything ends up with coordination else they choose to part.

We might see more drama, love, emotion, and affection in the third season. However, in an interview, a creator disclosed that the next instalment could be more sexually fluid.

Love is Blind Season 3: Trailer

Love is Blind Season 3 has yet to develop an official trailer as it is not given the nod. Unfortunately, all viewers need to wait a bit more to watch the trailer. Considering the wrap-up of the shoot, the trailer might arrive at any time. Once we get more updates regarding this season, we might end up with another post. 

Stay tuned with us to explore more about Love is Blind Season 3.

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