20+ LGBTQ+ celebrities you may or may not know are currently in relationship

In the dazzling world of Hollywood, where red carpets and romances intertwine, love is truly in the air for these LGBTQ+ celebrities. From silver-screen heartthrobs to TV trailblazers, these famous celebrities are not just making headlines for their talents but also for their successful relationships

Whether you’re a fan of surprise engagements, dreamy weddings, or simply adore a cute couple selfie on Instagram, we’ve rounded up 34 LGBTQ+ celebs who are lighting up the entertainment scene with their love stories. Get ready to feel the warmth and joy as we celebrate these stars who are proving that love is always worth celebrating, no matter who you are!

1. Sam Smith and Christian Cowan

Sam Smith and Christian Cowan

Sam Smith and Christian Cowan are one of the notable LGBTQ+ celebrity relationships. have captivated fans with their romance, making headlines with their recent red carpet debut at the 2024 Met Gala. Despite sparking rumors in late 2022, the pair officially confirmed their relationship in May 2024.

 Cowan, a celebrated fashion designer, has been supported by Smith at various runway shows, showcasing custom designs that highlight their mutual creative synergy. Known for their private nature, the couple kept details of their romance off social media until their high-profile appearance, where they stunned in coordinated, symbolic attire, leaving fans eager for more glimpses into their relationship.

2.  Reneé Rapp and Towa Bird

Reneé Rapp and Towa Bird

Reneé Rapp and Towa Bird have set social media abuzz with their blossoming romance, making it red carpet official at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Speculation had been rife among fans since they were spotted together at Coachella in April 2023, followed by Bird joining Rapp on her Snow Hard Feelings tour later that year.

 Their onstage chemistry, highlighted by intimate performances and heartfelt moments, fueled further rumors. Finally, the couple confirmed their relationship with a glamorous debut, captivating audiences and solidifying their status as a beloved power couple in the LGBTQ+ community.

3. Kal Penn and his fiancé, Josh

Kal Penn and his fiancé, Josh

Kal Penn, known for his roles in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” and “House,” surprised fans in 2021 by announcing his engagement to longtime partner Josh. Their relationship, kept private for over a decade, was finally revealed in Penn’s memoir, “You Can’t Be Serious.” Despite Penn’s public life, Josh prefers to stay out of the limelight, prompting Penn to respect his privacy until the book’s release. The couple, who met during Penn’s time in Washington, D.C., has been navigating wedding plans, balancing their differing preferences for the ceremony’s scale.

4. Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris

Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris

Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris have embarked on a new romantic journey together, beginning their relationship in October 2023 after both enduring divorces. The actress and former soccer star found solace and eventually love in each other’s company, having been friends since 2019. 

Their public debut at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscars viewing party in March 2024 marked a significant milestone. Despite facing criticism and cyberbullying initially, they’ve supported each other fiercely through the scrutiny. Their relationship has blossomed amidst mutual respect and admiration, with Bush expressing profound admiration for Harris’s integrity and parenting.

5. Gus Kenworthy and Tyler Green

Gus Kenworthy and Tyler Green

Former Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy recently shared a heartwarming selfie with his boyfriend, Tyler Green, from their winter retreat at Telluride Gay Ski Week. The couple, who began dating last year, melted hearts with intimate moments captured on Instagram, including a playful exchange in the comments. Kenworthy, known for his freestyle skiing and acting, has been openly gay since 2015 and previously dated Robin Macdonald and Matthew Wilkas. Their relationship is going strong, as evidenced by their shared adventures and affectionate posts that continue to charm followers.

6. Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour

Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour

Abbi Jacobson, co-creator of “Broad City,” and Jodi Balfour, star of “For All Mankind,” have delighted fans by announcing their marriage after a three-year relationship. Their wedding at Brooklyn’s Public Records was a blend of romance and spontaneity, featuring vegan cuisine and music by Matt FX, with their first dance to Aretha Franklin’s “Don’t Let Me Lose This Dream.” 

Jacobson and Balfour made a stylish statement in off-the-rack dresses from The Row, adding a touch of glamour with Versace chain mail. The ceremony, despite weather challenges, was a celebration of love and joy, capturing hearts across the LGBTQ community.

7. Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni

Cynthia Nixon, renowned for her role in “Sex and the City,” shares a deep connection with Christine Marinoni, an education and LGBTQ rights activist. The couple first met in 2001 during Nixon’s campaign for smaller NYC public school classes. They started dating in 2004 after Nixon’s divorce and got engaged in 2009 at a rally supporting same-sex marriage. Their wedding in 2012 followed New York’s legalization of same-sex marriage, with Nixon clad in a Carolina Herrera gown and Marinoni in a stylish suit. Together, they have a son, Max, adding to Nixon’s family from her previous marriage, and continue to advocate for LGBTQ rights.

8. Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins

Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins

Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins, known for their roles in “The Boys in the Band,” found love beyond the stage. The actors, who portrayed a conflicted couple in the play’s Broadway revival, began dating during its run in 2018 and have been openly sharing their relationship since. 

Their bond, celebrated on social media with candid moments and family activities, contrasts with their characters’ closeted romance. Now, as the film adaptation of “The Boys in the Band” debuts on Netflix, their personal journey adds an extra layer of authenticity to their on-screen portrayals of love and self-discovery.

9. Jess Glynne and Alex Scott

Jess Glynne and Alex Scott

Alex Scott and Jess Glynne have captivated fans with their blossoming romance, which began quietly in 2023. The couple made their official debut at the amfAR Cannes Gala in May 2024, showcasing their affection with a series of adorable PDA moments.

Before going public, they enjoyed private outings together, including attending Wimbledon and cozy pub lunches in London. Their relationship became official in October 2023, marking a steady progression from friends to partners. As they continue to support each other’s careers and share their adventures on social media, Alex and Jess remain a beloved pair on and off the red carpet.

10. Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli’s journey from friendship to parenthood has been a captivating Hollywood love story. Meeting on the set of “Orange Is the New Black” in 2012, they initially bonded as friends. Morelli, married at the time, discovered her attraction to Wiley during their collaboration. 

After Morelli’s divorce in 2014, their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship. They weathered ups and downs, including a revealing trip to Thailand in 2015, before Morelli proposed in 2016. The couple tied the knot in 2017 and welcomed their daughter, George Elizabeth, in April 2021, surprising fans with the joyful announcement on Mother’s Day.

11. Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons

Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak’s enduring love story is not just a celebration of commitment but also a beacon of hope within the LGBTQ+ community. Their journey, spanning over two decades, culminated in a heartfelt union in May 2017, marking a milestone in their deeply cherished relationship. 

From Parsons’ candid reflections on their first karaoke-filled date to their public advocacy and shared battle against COVID-19, their story resonates far beyond Hollywood. As prominent figures in entertainment, their love stands as a testament to resilience and authenticity, inspiring countless others with its profound simplicity and unwavering support.

12. Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster

Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison’s love story is a testament to resilience and devotion in the public eye. Their journey began with Foster’s playful declaration of being “single” at the 2013 Golden Globes, a precursor to finding happiness with Hedison eight months later. 

The couple quietly tied the knot in 2014, opting for a low-key approach while attending an art show in Los Angeles. Since then, they’ve been a constant support to each other at events like the Emmys and the Women’s March, showcasing a bond that celebrates both personal milestones and shared activism in the LGBTQ+ community.

13. Noah Galvin and Ben Platt

Noah Galvin and Ben Platt

Ben Platt and Noah Galvin’s love story began amidst the world of theater, where their friendship evolved into a deep romance. Initially connecting during Galvin’s takeover of Platt’s role in “Dear Evan Hansen” in 2017, their relationship bloomed years later. They officially confirmed their romance in May 2020, during the pandemic, where they also began living together. The couple has since shared their journey openly, from attending premieres together to celebrating their engagement in November 2022.

14. Alex and Wanda Sykes

Alex and Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes and her wife, Alex Niedbalski, epitomize enduring love and resilience in the public eye. Meeting in 2006 and marrying in 2008, their journey includes parenting twins amidst busy careers. Wanda, known for her wit, publicly came out after their wedding, marking a pivotal moment in her life. Despite challenges, including Wanda’s cancer battle, their bond remains strong. Recently, they playfully addressed divorce rumors, showcasing their unwavering commitment. 

15. Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black

Olympic champion Tom Daley and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black have captured hearts with their inspiring love story. Despite a 20-year age gap, their journey from a chance meeting in 2013 to becoming proud fathers has been nothing short of remarkable. Daley, initially uncertain about his sexuality, found love and stability with Black, culminating in a 2017 wedding and the birth of their son, Robbie Ray, in 2018. Their relationship has weathered challenges, including a brief separation and public scrutiny, but their commitment remains steadfast. Recently, Daley clinched Olympic gold, celebrating with Black cheering him on—a testament to their enduring bond.

16. Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie-Chance Roberts

Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie-Chance Roberts

Actress Beanie Feldstein and producer Bonnie-Chance Roberts have exchanged vows in a stunning outdoor ceremony at Cedar Lakes Estate, New York. Feldstein, known for her roles in ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Booksmart,’ donned a custom Gucci wedding gown featuring lace sleeves and a diamond bow, while Roberts opted for a stylish pale pink Gucci suit.

The couple, both from Jewish backgrounds, celebrated with a “Jew-ish” ceremony officiated by a close friend, including traditional elements like the hora dance. Their special day was highlighted by a performance from friend Ben Platt and cherished family heirlooms, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere captured in their Instagram posts.

17. Jussi-Pekka Kajaala and Adam Rippon

Jussi-Pekka Kajaala and Adam Rippon

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon and his fiancé, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, are celebrating a major milestone as Kajaala has finally relocated from Finland to Los Angeles after years of long-distance dating.

The couple met on Tinder and announced their engagement earlier this year with plans for a “City Hall wedding.” Rippon expressed excitement over their reunion, describing Kajaala as his cheerleader and praising his inner and outer beauty. The move marks a new chapter for the pair, who endured separation during 2020 but persevered with plans to marry, complete with rings chosen together in Finland.

18. Sean Hayes and Scott Icenogle

Sean Hayes and Scott Icenogle

Sean Hayes, known for his role in ‘Will & Grace,’ has shared a heartwarming journey with husband Scott Icenogle since their secret 2014 wedding. Their love story began on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ where Icenogle worked as a DJ. Married after eight years of dating, they’ve become known for their playful social media posts and viral lip-sync videos.

 Icenogle, a talented composer, has scored shows like ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘The History of Comedy,’ showcasing their creative collaboration. With a cozy Los Angeles home and frequent red carpet appearances, they continue to inspire with their enduring bond and public advocacy for LGBTQ+ visibility.

19. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, known for his role in “Modern Family,” shares a deep bond with his husband Justin Mikita. The couple first connected at a gym in Hollywood, but their relationship blossomed later. They married in 2013 in New York City, celebrating a decade of love in 2023. Mikita, a producer, has worked on Broadway hits like “Torch Song Trilogy” and “The Inheritance.” Beyond their professional ventures, they co-founded the nonprofit Pronoun to support marriage equality. Their family grew with the arrival of sons Beckett and Sullivan, marking new chapters in their journey of love and activism.

20. Simon Halls and Matt Bomer

Simon Halls and Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer, celebrated for his roles in “White Collar” and “American Horror Story,” shares a private yet profound bond with Simon Halls, his husband since 2011. Halls, a distinguished Hollywood publicist, initially met Bomer professionally before their relationship blossomed.

The couple, known for their discretion, surprised fans by revealing their marriage in 2014, three years after their private ceremony. Together, they nurture three sons while Halls manages high-profile PR campaigns. Despite their Hollywood ties, they prioritize privacy for their family, occasionally sharing glimpses on social media and supporting charitable causes like children’s welfare and ALS research.

21. Robbie Rogers and Greg Berlanti

Robbie Rogers and Greg Berlanti

Greg Berlanti, renowned for his prolific work as a producer on hit series like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Supergirl,” has announced his engagement to Robbie Rogers, a professional soccer player for L.A. Galaxy. 

The couple, who have been together since 2013, shared their joyous news on Instagram, marking the culmination of a significant year that also saw the birth of their son, Caleb, through surrogacy. Berlanti expressed profound gratitude to family and friends for supporting their journey to parenthood and their engagement. Their love story underscores a milestone in LGBTQ+ visibility and celebrates their growing family with warmth and happiness.

22. Jaymes Vaughan and Jonathan Bennett

Jaymes Vaughan and Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett, famed for his role in “Mean Girls,” found true love with Jaymes Vaughan after a serendipitous TV interview in 2016. Their romance blossomed into a milestone engagement in 2020 and a picturesque wedding in 2022 in Mexico, described by Bennett as a “dream.”

The couple, known for their historic appearance on The Knot’s cover as the first gay couple, also co-own OUTbound, promoting LGBTQ+ travel. Vaughan, a former reality TV star and actor, supports Bennett’s career enthusiastically, celebrating moments like his Broadway debut and their joy at Hallmark’s first film featuring a gay couple.

23. Jason Landau and Cheyenne Jackson

Jason Landau and Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson, known for his roles in “30 Rock” and “Glee,” is preparing for another walk down the aisle as he announces his engagement to fellow actor Jason Landau. The 38-year-old star confirmed the news, marking his second marriage after his split from Monte Lapka last summer.

Jackson and Landau publicly embraced their relationship last fall with an affectionate Instagram post, and have since shared their journey with regular updates and romantic snapshots. Jackson’s recent Instagram post, quoting “Into the Woods,” hints at their enduring happiness and pursuit of love. Their engagement adds to the celebration of LGBTQ celebrities finding love and commitment in Hollywood.

24. Brad Goreski and Gary Janetti

Brad Goreski and Gary Janetti

Brad Goreski, renowned for his fashion expertise on “30 Rock” and “Glee,” has been happily married to comedy writer Gary Janetti since 2017. Janetti, acclaimed for his work on shows like “Family Guy” and “Will & Grace,” gained further fame for his witty Instagram posts, notably those humorously imagining the thoughts of young Prince George. 

The couple, together for over two decades, celebrated their 22nd anniversary in 2023. Their intimate wedding aboard a luxury cruise ship reflected their shared love of travel and style, cementing their status as a beloved couple in the LGBTQ community within Hollywood.

25. Robin Roberts and Amber Laign

Robin Roberts and Amber Laign

Robin Roberts, beloved “Good Morning America” anchor, and her fiancée Amber Laign are set to wed in September after nearly two decades together. Their relationship began with a blind date in 2005, weathering challenges such as Roberts’ breast cancer diagnosis in 2007 and Laign’s own battle with breast cancer in 2021. 

Roberts publicly revealed their relationship in 2013, marking a pivotal moment for the couple. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, they strengthened their bond and finally announced their engagement in January 2023. Recently, “GMA” celebrated their upcoming wedding with a festive on-air bachelorette party, highlighting their enduring love and resilience.

26. Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have captivated fans with their enduring relationship, which began in 2015 after reconnecting on social media. Despite a significant age gap, the couple has been inseparable, often seen supporting each other at events like the Emmys and premieres.

Their love story unfolded publicly in 2015 when Holland Taylor revealed her “deeply committed” relationship with Sarah Paulson, describing it as life-changing. Since then, they’ve celebrated birthdays together, attended glamorous Hollywood parties, and shared heartfelt messages on social media, showcasing a love that transcends age and continues to inspire many within the LGBTQ community and beyond

27. Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro

Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro

Stephanie Allynne, wife of comedian Tig Notaro, has carved her own path in Hollywood beyond their celebrated relationship. From her beginnings in LA’s comedy scene with groups like Upright Citizens Brigade and The Groundlings to her acting credits in series like “One Mississippi” and “The L Word,” Allynne has made a significant impact. Recently, she co-directed the film “Am I OK?” and is set to helm “Time and Space,” produced by Judd Apatow. Her journey reflects authenticity and creativity, resonating with audiences not just as a spouse but as a talented artist in her own right.

28. Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton

Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton

Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton have captivated audiences not just with their striking looks but also with their journey into fatherhood. Through their popular YouTube channel, they’ve documented their experiences as adoptive parents, shedding light on the foster-to-adopt process.

After moving from LA to Phoenix, they felt ready to expand their family and eventually adopted Crow, who quickly became a perfect fit. Their platform not only showcases their creative talents but also advocates for foster care and adoption, urging others, including LGBTQ+ and heterosexual couples, to consider giving loving homes to children in need.

29. George and Brad Takei

George and Brad Takei

George Takei, beloved Star Trek actor and LGBTQ+ advocate, shares a profound bond with his husband, Brad Takei. Meeting in the 1980s through an LGBTQ+ running club, their relationship blossomed into a partnership that extends beyond love. Brad, initially a financial journalist, evolved into George’s business manager, supporting his career and activism. 

Their journey, marked by milestones like their historic appearance on The Newlywed Game and Brad’s decision to take George’s surname, reflects their commitment to equality and love. Together, they continue to inspire, showing that love transcends all boundaries in both personal and professional spheres.

30. Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe

Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird, celebrated athletes in soccer and basketball respectively, have not only excelled in their sports but also found love in each other. Their relationship, which began at the 2016 Rio Olympics, blossomed into a powerful bond characterized by mutual support and advocacy.

Making history as the first openly gay couple on the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, they’ve continued to champion LGBTQ+ rights and gender equality. Recently, they launched a production company focusing on transformative stories, showcasing their commitment to making a difference both on and off the field.

31. Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer’s love story has captivated fans since they reconnected at a friend’s birthday party in 2019, sparking romance rumors shortly after. The actress, known for her role in Twilight, has been open about her affection for Meyer, a screenwriter she describes as “brilliant.” From their public displays of affection to Meyer’s heartfelt Instagram posts, their relationship milestones include Meyer’s surprise proposal in 2021 and their red carpet debut at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards. Stewart recently hinted at their future plans, including a desire to start a family, highlighting their deep commitment and shared journey.

32. Tan and Rob France

Tan and Rob France

Tan France, beloved star of “Queer Eye,” shares a heartwarming relationship with husband Rob France. Married since 2007, they expanded their family with sons Ismail in 2021 and Isaac in 2023. 

Rob, originally from Wyoming, is a freelance illustrator and former pediatric nurse, while Tan’s fashion career soared post-“Queer Eye.” Their love story, sparked on a dating app despite initial long-distance hurdles, blossomed into a deep bond celebrated through low-key weddings and shared parenting joys. Tan credits Rob’s encouragement for his “Queer Eye” journey, showcasing their supportive partnership and enduring romance in the public eye.

33. Dewey Do and Bobby Berk

Dewey Do and Bobby Berk

Bobby Berk, renowned from “Queer Eye,” shares an enduring relationship with Dewey Do, a maxillofacial surgeon, spanning nearly two decades. The couple, who met online in 2004, officially tied the knot in 2012 after navigating a bureaucratic hurdle. 

They moved from New York City to Los Angeles in 2018, embracing diverse homes across the city. While contemplating children, Berk and Do welcomed their furry companion, Bimini, in 2021. Their adventures span the globe, with Do often leading their escapades. Known for their unconventional approach, they opt out of Valentine’s Day, celebrating their love daily. Their journey continues to captivate fans with its genuine charm and steadfast bond.

34. Austin P. McKenzie and Kevin McHale

Austin P. McKenzie and Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale, known for his role on “Glee,” shares a steadfast bond with partner Austin P. McKenzie, spanning nearly six years. The couple, both accomplished actors, remain content without plans for marriage or children, opting to focus on their relationship’s organic progression. McHale, who recently dazzled on RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race, credits McKenzie for his unwavering support throughout the competition. Their shared love for dogs and McKenzie’s artistic prowess further solidify their harmonious union in Hollywood’s spotlight. As they prepare to cohabit, McHale embraces their unique journey, prioritizing personal fulfillment over societal expectations.

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