League of Legends: Gwen

Gwen is the newest addition to the League of legends roster. Her release makes her the second champion of the game.

Is it as if the developers want players to use Gwen as a laner? This is because the build and the attacks of the champion fit the characteristics of a laner. Gwen is a very powerful duelist who can, without much effort, perform challenging abilities and make auto attacks like Irelia, another character in the game. One of Gwen’s skills is knowing when to attack the opponent, as attacking at the optimal time can prove fatal for the enemy team.

If you are a player who enjoys fast-paced games and loves constant fights, then Gwen is the right character for you. The agility and the powerful attacks of this character will give the opponent a very hard time. This all depends upon you, if you are using the right attacks and timing everything correctly.

Now let’s talk about the abilities and attacks that the League of Legends: Gwen has to offer.

League of Legends Gwen Runes

The best thing about Gwen is that she has a very flexible kit, meaning she can go anywhere like the jungle or the solo lane. There are some runes a player should consider equipping for Gwen.

The Press the Attack rune gives Gwen a dueling presence, and if that wasn’t enough, it provides your nearby teammates with a damage boost.

For Laning, consider using the Conqueror as game experts believe it to be a very strong keystone. This will also help when you are trading between Gwen’s Q and E.

If the mission requires you to go into a jungle, then I suggest you equip Electrocute or Dark Harvest, giving Gwen an insane damage boost.

League of Legends Gwen Abilities

Gwen has a wide variety of abilities, so players have a lot to choose from.

League of Legends Gwen

Thousand Cuts

The Thousand Cuts is Gwen’s passive attack; this includes her ordinary attacks and a few of her abilities. It also consists of the damage and bonus per on-hit attack concerning the opponent’s health. A special ability only for champions is that it replenishes their health when they deal damage to other champion characters.

Snip Snip!

Snip Snip is a very short-range attack and only deals damage to enemies right in Infront of Gwen. This attack does some serious damage, and gamers consider it to be the main attack that they use while dueling. To make this attack more effective and deadly, use four auto attacks right before activating Snip Snip. If you deal true damage to the center, it will charge up the Thousand Cut’s passive which is the bonus damage.

Hallowed Mist

This attack resembles the old ultimate attacks of Xin Zhao and Poppy. This attack enables Gwen to create a quick zone around herself which will charge up bonus resistance when she stands inside it. The best thing about this attack is that the opponents cannot attack or deal with any damage as long as Gwen is in this Circle. The Mist or Circle will follow its creator only once if she moves, and it will disappear when you make a second movement out of the Circle.

Use this to dampen the damage of the long-range attacks of opponents and buy yourself some time. Keep in mind that the Circle does not protect Gwen from melee attacks.

Skip ‘n Slash

This ability enables Gwen to dash around the map in a short-range. The attack is what makes Gwen very powerful. With dash, it also increases the damage and range to Basic Attacks, and while this ability is in use and you use Basic Attacks, you will keep on refunding 50% of their cooldown.

The player can also use this dash ability to escape and create distance between them, and overpowering enemies.


This attack is what we can call the finishing move for Gwen, in the game’s words, the Ultimate of Gwen. This attack is quite similar to the old ultimate of Irelia. The ultimate shoots varying numbers of needles in different throws. It is a very ranged attack that uses a lot of ammo and deals a lot of damage. I will recommend that you use this attack when you are constantly in battle. If you do not do so, you will just be wasting ammo and a potent attack.

I hope this helps you in knowing everything there is to know about Gwen.


Rahis Saifi
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