What is Kelly Slater Net Worth in 2023?

Kelly Slater revolutionized the surfing world with his exceptional surfing tricks and aerial maneuvers. Over the years, he has swept several awards into his pockets, including several Pipeline Masters and World Titles. Keeping in mind his massive success in water-sports, it is no surprise that Kelly Slater net worth is one of the highest among athletes.

If you also want to know about this star surfer and humble humanitarian’s net worth, then keep reading! We’ve covered everything there is to know about Kelly Slater net worth below.

Kelly Slater Net Worth in 2023

Kelly Slater Net Worth is $22 million in 2023! His wealth comes from his successful career as a professional surfer.

What is Kelly Slater Net Worth in 2023
What is Kelly Slater Net Worth in 2023

Additionally, he also owns a well-established business and several brand endorsements. Through them, Slater can earn between $3 million and $4 million annually. This has helped build Kelly Slater net worth.

Furthermore, Kelly slater also works as an actor and a voice actor. He recently starred in a blockbuster movie that grossed $149 million.

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Kelly is a brand ambassador for several famous brands, including Chia Co. He is also the cofounder of a company called “Outerknown,” alongside launching a beverage company, “Purps.”

What was Kelly Slater’s early life like?

Robert Kelly Slater was born on February 11, 1972, in Cocoa Beach to Stephan Slater and Judy Moriarity. He grew up close to the water and began surfing at the early age of five! By the time he was ten, he had won age-division events all across the Atlantic coast. He came in third at the world amateur championship’s junior division in England, winning a Pacific Cup Junior Championship in Australia.

Kelly Slater and Surfing

Known as the Michael Jordan of Surfing, Kelly Slater kick-started his professional surfing career in 1990. He won the Body Glove Surfbout in his first year of going pro!

Slater scored his first title at the Pipeline Masters in 1992. He was also among the top ten people in the 1993 rankings.

In 1994, he joined the World League Championship and won it five years in a row! He also won the Triple Crown of Surfing in 1995, 1998, and 2019.

Additionally, Kelly has won several Championship Tour events, including Quiksilver Pro, Marui Masters, Billabong Pro, Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro, and Coke Classic.

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Kelly became the ASP world title holder for the eleventh time in 2011 after winning the Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco.

Slater not only loves surfing but also loves preserving oceans. He works with several charities to help save oceans. He is also a part of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board.

Furthermore, a statue of Kelly in Cocoa Beach has been on display since November 6, 2010. A huge part of Kelly Slater net worth is due to his this surfing career.

Kelly Slater’s other interests and professions

Besides being an excellent athlete, Kelly Slater has several other hobbies! We’ve mentioned all of his other interests below.


Kelly has starred in 37 movies and documentaries. His movies include Endless Suffer 2, Surf’s Up, Fighting Fear, and Down the Barrel. He also made an appearance in the popular TV series Baywatch.

Additionally, Slater has also experimented with writing. He wrote his autobiography “Pipe Dreams: A Surfer’s Journey” by himself!

Designing Surfboards

Designing Surfboards 
Designing Surfboards

Slater has ridden several Firewire surfboards after he acquired the company in 2014. He also debuted his board line in 2016, which includes four exclusive Slater Designs models, including the Gamma, Omni, Sci-fi, and Cymatic. Slater is also the cofounder of Outerknown, an eco-friendly sportswear firm.

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Founder of Purps

Kelly Slater started his own beverage company called Purps. The company sells premium nutrition products that help people in leading healthier lives. It sells organic energy drinks with no artificial additives or preservatives and has increased the value of Kelly Slater net worth.


Slater also loves to play the guitar and ukulele. He has shared the stage with Angus Stone and Jack Johnson.

In the past, Slater also joined a band called The Surfers with Rob Machado and Peter King.


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Slater is dedicated to preserving oceans worldwide and saving the temperate reefs in California and for this, he uses a good portion of Kelly Slater net worth. The environmentalist works with several charities to save the environment and ensure that oceans worldwide are protected.

Real Estate

According to Trulia, Kelly Slater net worth, he recently purchased a beautiful beachfront home on Oahu’s north coast worth $7.8 million. He used to frequently visited the area since childhood as it was a frequent vacation spot for his family.

The seven-bedroom beachfront house features Asian and Hawaiian designs. It is 8,009 square feet and is located on 101 feet of a luxurious private beach. The property also has two additional guesthouses, including access to a pool, an expensive lawn, and gardens.

Kelly Slater Personal Life

Kelly Slater has been with Kalani Miller for several years, and he frequently shares pictures with her on Instagram. However, the pro-surfer had never shared details of when the couple got together.

In September 2019, Miller shared a picture of Slater and herself when they were younger. She captioned the photo saying that she and Kelly Slater had been dating for 12 years!

Miller is from Orange County, California. She is also a surfer and model and the cofounder of MIKOH.

Kelly Slater also has a daughter with Tamara, his ex-girlfriend. Taylor Slater was born in June 1996. She works as a multi-medium artist professionally. The professional surfer has always ensured that his personal life doesn’t get in the way of his career and that has helped increase Kelly Slater net worth a lot.

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