Jennifer Lopez responds to Ben Affleck divorce rumours

Jennifer Lopez has always been straightforward about tackling rumors, especially those surrounding her personal life with Ben Affleck.

However, for a very long time, Jennifer Lopez has deliberately chosen not to respond to speculations about ending her marriage with Ben Affleck. The couple married again in 2022 (JLO wore a beautiful wedding dress that was the talk of the town) before splitting up in 2004. 

Several reports last week stated that the Gone Girl actress and her husband are experiencing marital issues, while others noted that the singer has left their Los Angeles home and is staying alone. There was also news that Ben Affleck also signed the Prenup before the wedding, but later, it turned out to be a rumor.

The rumors of the couple’s separation have intensified, especially since fans and media have not spotted them together f the time of wedding there were news that or Atthe past two months. Despite the growing rumors, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have remained silent.

Recently, at a press event for her new movie Atlas, the 54-year-old singer reacted strongly to reporters’ questions about her getting divorced from her husband.

Jennifer Lopez shuts down a reporter who asked about Ben Affleck’s split rumors

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The press conference video has been circulating on social media, where a reporter can be seen asking whether the ongoing rumors about her divorce are true or not. To this, Jennifer Lopez’s co-star, Simu Liu, popularly known for his role in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, reacted, “Ok, we’re not doing that. Thank you so much, guys. We really appreciate it. Thank you.” He also asserted the media did not come up with these types of questions.

After this, Jennifer looked at the reporter and stated that they should not ask such silly questions, as she knew that you all knew better than this. 

At the end of the press event, Simu Liu, who is 35 years old, shared some heartfelt words about Lopez. He stated that Jennifer is the producer of this movie, and the main reason he and Sterling K. Brown are in the film is that she genuinely cares for them. As the boss of this movie, she is in charge of every member’s representation and diversity. 

Jennifer Lopez has been attending promotional events for her new movie without her husband for the past two months. Despite being the co-chairwoman of the Met Gala, the actress walked the red carpet alone this time.

Jennifer Lopez during the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

However, on Monday, during the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the singer and actress was spotted by the viewers wearing her engagement ring. She also stated during her talk that musical veteran Barbra Streisand was surprised to see her engagement ring, which Ben gave her. 


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