Jeffrey Dahmer Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix has announced the renewal of the Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Season 2. The show will go thoroughly in the anthology direction. On November 7, 2022, Netflix revealed that Jeffrey Dahmer season 2 would focus on sharing more stories of other serial killers who have influenced society somehow. Each season will put different serial killers in the picture. Moreover, Netflix’s decision to produce season 2 is entirely understandable because Jeffrey Dahmer’s season 1 was a huge success. Hopefully, a lot will be happening in Jeffery Dahmer season 2.

Very few TV shows have achieved the kind of astounding success the Monster—Dahmer story has. It is a biopic series that documents the life of a disreputable monster Jeffrey Dahmer. Evan Peters’s popularity ascended to the sky after the character of Jeffrey Dahmer—The Monster. The massive popularity of season 1 has prompted Netflix to extend this series to season 2.

What Will Jeffrey Dahmer Season 2 Be About?

Jeffrey Dahmer season 2 is coming with the most significant change. The renewal is converting the show into an anthology series where viewers will learn more about the different monsters of society. The story of Jeffrey Dahmer season 2 will focus on other ill-famed serial killers rather than depicting the repercussions of Dahmer’s life. Each actor will be presenting different serial killers with absolutely unrelated stories. However, Jeffrey Dahmer season 2 will be similar to a 2016’s drama series known as American Crime Story.

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Interestingly, there are so many options that Netflix is considering for Jeffrey Dahmer season 2. According to the guesses, season 2 might include serial killers that Netflix picturized in the past. This season may consist of the stories of John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Ed Gein, aka The Plainfield Ghoul. Moreover, Ed Gein—The Plainfield Ghoul seems the strong prospect for renewal as season 1 mentioned him and John Wayne Gacy.

Jeffrey Dahmer Season 2 Everything We Know So Far
Jeffrey Dahmer Season 2 Everything We Know So Far

Most importantly, there is no evidence that Jeffrey Dahmer season 2 will no longer have the season 1 hero. The show might include Jeffrey Dahmer in a supporting role along with other notorious serial killers in season 2. In addition, serial killers have always successfully drawn audiences’ attention. There are more chances that Jeffrey Dahmer season 2 will bring more popularity than season 1.

Furthermore, as a protagonist, Ted Bundy can also replace Jeffrey Dahmer in season 2. He was declared guilty of a cold-blooded massacre because he murdered over 30 women. Howbeit, historians and crime experts indicate that the correct number of victims may go above a hundred.

Will There Be a Female Serial Killer In Season 2? 

Moreover, there are predictions of introducing female serial killers in Jeffrey Dahmer season 2. Aileen Wuornos is the most egregious female serial killer in history. She is being considered for the continuation of the killer series. Also, her life was documented in Charlize Theron’s movie, “Monster.”

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Monster Season 2 Release Date 

Netflix has not announced the release date of the Monster series season 2. Still, according to the preceding events, some statements about the release date can be made. The Monster—Jeffrey Dahmer season 2 might be released in 2024 or 2025 as Ryan Murphy releases his shows/seasons every two or three years. However, Netflix will ensure to make capital out of other seasons of the Monster series. In addition, Jeffrey Dahmer season 2 can be launched towards the end of this year as it will help makers capitalize on the new season.

Will Evan Peters Appear In Jeffrey Dahmer Season 2?

Will Evan Peters Appear In Jeffrey Dahmer Season 2 
Will Evan Peters Appear In Jeffrey Dahmer Season 2

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There is a great possibility that season 1 star—Evan Peters will not reward the new season with his presence. Besides, the makers will try to bring their favorite star back again, but it’s up to him if he wants to return. In an interview, Murphy and Peter reportedly remembered the cumbersome experience of filming the show. Evan Peters’s interview insinuated that Jeffrey Dahmer’s role turned out quite challenging for him.

Moreover, the actor stated that it was like running a marathon where everything changed completely. You limit your needs. Even one sleeps and eats in a certain way. Mr. Peters added that he adopted an athletic approach while shooting for the incredible crime series of all time. Ryan Murphy said that he was reluctant to cast Evan Peters due to the intense script. However, he was left in awe of how Peters pulled off the character of an ill-famed Jeffrey Dahmer in season 1.


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