Javed Afridi Net Worth in 2023 – The Owner of Peshawar Zalmi

Javed Afridi Net Worth: Muhammad Javed Afridi is a Pakistani entrepreneur, investor, business executive, and social media influencer. At the age of 37, he has accumulated a staggering net worth. Also, along with other businesses, he owns a cricket franchise known as Peshawar Zalmi in Pakistan Super League. Most importantly, he is the CEO of Haier—a home appliances and consumer electronics company in Pakistan.

What Is Javed Afridi Net Worth?

Javed Afridi Net Worth is estimated to be 92 million dollars which becomes approximately 7,850,367,000.00 in Pakistani rupees. Moreover, his company Ruba Digital has 45% shares in Haier Pakistan, that have increased Javed Afridi net worth exceptionally.

Furthermore, he also owns an automobile company named MG AW Automobile Pakistan. He is also the owner and co-founder of JoChaho.pk—an online marketplace.

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Javed Afridi Net Worth: Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi is the third wealthiest team in Pakistan Super League. The owner of the franchise is successfully gathering millions through the franchise. Seven editions of the Pakistan Super League have granted him more wealth. In addition, the spectacular merchandise sales and sponsorships of Peshawar Zalmi also boost Javed Afridi’s Net Worth tremendously. Moreover, Peshawar has the highest winning percentage in the history of the Pakistan Super League.

Does He Own Chelsea?

Javed Afridi is a true sports lover. Peshawar Zalmi has strongly marked his identity as a sports fan. In March 2022, the news of Javed Afridi buying Chelsea took the media by storm. He participated in the tough competition of buying the football’s one of the greatest franchises. Although, he couldn’t achieve the dream of owning Chelsea. Javed Afridi Net Worth is massive, but that deal is history’s most prominent takeover of any sports club.

Javed Afridi Net Worth in 2023 – The Owner of Peshawar Zalmi
Javed Afridi Net Worth in 2023 – The Owner of Peshawar Zalmi

Haier’s Last Year Revenue

According to reports, Haier’s last year’s global revenue was approximately $51.75 billion, while the brand’s value reached up to $68.1 billion. This exceptionally massive revenue must have multiplied Javed Afridi Net Worth.

In addition, Haier’s smartphones have granted success to the company as the smartphone launch proved to be a sound decision with impressive sales during the first year.

Javed Afridi’s Properties

As per his Instagram profile, he owns luxury cars to his name. He seems fond of keeping extortionate vehicles. Still, we cannot make any guesses regarding his cars, houses, or other properties, as he does not let media or fans invade his privacy. Javed Afridi Net Worth is what we know right now.

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