J.K. Rowling – Why Was She Absent From The Harry Potter Reunion?

Over the years, J.K. Rowling ground-breaking “Harry Potter” series has established itself as a canonical work of literature. Seeing that her phenomenal piece of art has become a core part of every child’s sweetest memory! Moreover, her books’ enduring charm and movie adaptations are still alive and thriving today. Consequently, it enraptures everyone’s heart with its innovative story arc and enticing visuals. 

At present, if I ask who is a “Potterhead” from all the people reading this article. Then I am pretty sure that numerous hands will be raised. Considering the main fact that there happens to be some form of “universal love” for this series around the globe. Which, more or less, pulls you towards it to read the books or watch the movies thousands of times. Thus, it was understandable that the news of the Harry Potter reunion brought immense joy to the fandom and the actors and crew of the said series.

After almost two decades since the release of the first instalment of the series, HBO Max gave all the Potterheads worldwide a much-deserved chance to revive their childhood memories. Who knew we needed a 2022 reunion unique film until we got it on a silver platter? Henceforth, Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts made its debut on HBO Max on New Year’s Day. Simultaneously, bringing with it another great experience for us to cherish.

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However, one thing was missing in the reunion, and everyone else felt that too. It was the absence of none other than the author of the said series herself! Only one question was in everyone’s mind: why was J.K. Rowling absent from the Harry Potter reunion?

Here are all the details you need to know about the author’s absence from the reunion!

Was J.K. Rowling Deliberately Excluded From The Reunion?

The fifty-seven-year-old author’s absence subsequently gave birth to many unanswered questions from the fans. Considering that it seems unlikely that the whole cast, crew and other project members made their appearances. Yet the mind behind this mastermind was absent. Which, more or less, gave way to many speculations around the internet concerning that said matter:

Was J.K. Rowling Deliberately Excluded From The Reunion?
Was J.K. Rowling Deliberately Excluded From The Reunion?
  • Most people thought she was deliberately left out of the reunion film.
  • Seeing that after the success of her “Harry Potter” series, the author became a part of many controversies.
  • Her controversial remarks on transgender women on Twitter threw her into an online brawl with the LGBT community.
  • Simultaneously, estranging her relationship with many celebrities who disapproved of her tweets.

So, it did not come as a surprise that she was absent from the Harry Potter franchise’s biggest event. 

However, was it the case that we did not see her at the reunion?

The Famous Author Turns Down Her Invitation To The Reunion?

J.K. Rowling finally clears the air about her notable absence from the HBO Max reunion as she shares that she did not attend the reunion of her own accord. 

In her interview with Graham Norton for Virgin Radio UK, she promoted her latest “Robert Galbraith” mystery, “The Ink Black Heart.” She reveals that she was sent an invite to the said television event but did not deem it best to be a part of it. We see her immediately correcting the host’s choice of words when he refers to her absence as “being excluded” from the event. Seeing that, she clarifies that

she “wasn’t” excluded but was actually “asked to be on that” but instead “decided [she] didn’t want to do it.”

Further, it did not seem appropriate for her to join since “it was about the films more than the books, you know? Quite rightly, as that is what the anniversary was about.”

To leave no further ambiguity on the matter, the writer highlights the fact that:

“no one said ‘don’t come.'”

J.K. Rowling Addresses Her Controversy Regarding Her Tweets:

J.K. Rowling also addresses the uproar her tweets began on social media and how, as a result, she has been receiving constant hate and online threats. The ongoing cycle of hatred people have been directing towards her since then has no end. Seeing that one of her very recent threats was a warning. Telling her that she will be the “next” one in line after she happens to show her dismal over Salman Rushdie’s stabbing incident.

J.K. Rowling Addresses Her Controversy Regarding Her Tweets:
J.K. Rowling Addresses Her Controversy Regarding Her Tweets:

Moreover, the famous series author further entails in that interview that she tries to “behave online” as she “would like others to behave.” Considering that there is no doubt that:

“social media is a gift for people who want to behave in a malign way.”

Thus, she indirectly hints that her words are more or less taken in the wrong light and are usually moulded into something negative when it is not the intent.

While candid with Norton about that said situation, Rowling shares that:

she has “never threatened anyone.” Thus she “certainly wouldn’t want anyone to go to their houses or anything like that.”

However, she confesses that she has a “love-hate relationship” with social media as she likes the “pub argument aspect” of it, but it does not in any way mean that people do not use it in the wrong way. 

Is She Still In Touch With The Harry Potter Actors?

After her Twitter controversy, people have been curious whether the author has been in touch with the Harry Potter actors. Seeing that many of them have been vocal about their disapproval of her transphobic comments. For instance, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

However, to our surprise, the author is still in contact with some actors as she confesses in that interview, “Yes — some more than others.” 

Aiman Muneer
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