Hustle Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Hustle movie is an upcoming comedy-drama movie. Jeremiah Zagar has directed the movie and Taylor Materne and Will Fetters have written the movie. Will Fetters is known for his movie A Star Is Born which was a blockbuster hit. In addition to that, Taylor Materne is the man behind NBA 2019 and 2020. This is a pretty interesting combination for a sports drama for sure. It is a highly anticipated sports drama that is supposed to be inspirational for the sports lover. 

Hustle movie: Release Date


The movie will be premiering on Netflix on 10th June 2022. The running time of the movie is 85 minutes. The filming of the movie began in October 2020 in Philadelphia. 

Hustle movie: Cast

The movie will feature Adam Sandler as Stanley Beren. Other cast members of the movie are Ben Foster, Robert Duvall, Queen Latifah, Jaleel White, Raul Castillo, Boban Marjanovic, Maria Botto, Juancho, David Hammond, Nicole Kornet, Bryan Enright, Scottie DiGiacomo, Lyon Beckwith, Kendra Marie, Jennifer Butler, Jordan Hull and Scot Teller. 

LeBron James and Adam Sandler are the producers of the movie and the cinematography of the Hustle movie is by Zak Mulligan. Happy Madison Productions, Roth Films and Kirschenbaum Productions are the production companies of the movie. 

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Hustle movie: Plot
Hustle movie: Plot

The plot of Hustle’s movie revolves around Stanley Beren, who is a pro basketball scout but was fired. After being sad about his life for a long time, he finally gets excited after discovering Bo Cruz who is a Spanish amateur baller. Stanley Beren discovers Bo Cruz in a park outside Madrid where the latter was playing. The discovery of talented Bo Cruz gives Stanley a new-found purpose in life. The new goal of his life is to groom Bo for the NBA and his actions are based on the belief that both can make it. Adam Sandler will play the role of Stanley Bere and Juancho Hernangomez will be seen as Bo Perez. 

Hustle movie: Trailer

The official teaser of the Hustle movie is out and is officially published by Netflix. The first teaser trailer was released on 18th February 2022 by Netflix. Adam Sandler could be seen in a bearded form in the trailer. Adam Sandler who is known for his humorous take could be seen in a serious form in the trailer. He was seen saying that he loves the game and he lives the game. Also, he could be seeing that he might have the talent but is obsessed. Also, the trailer featured lots of practice and hustle. 

The cast of Hustle movie is pretty well-managed and it is also creatively written by prominent writers. Hustle movie gives the impression that it is not a half-hearted inspirational sports movie but will actually push the players to hustle. The stellar casts and the excellent team of writers have brought a wonderful basketball game to the broader audience. The movie is distributed by Netflix and will be available on 10th June 2022. Adam Sandler was one of the first casts that were chosen for the Hustle movie, followed by Queen Latifah. Most of the other crews joined the cast in October 2020. The shooting of Hustle movie took place mostly in Philadelphia, Coatesville Area High School in Pennsylvania, Center City Philadelphia and South Philadelphia along with Camden, New Jersey. 

In the initial plot, Adam Sandler was supposed to find the other protagonist in China but later, the location was shifted to Spain because of Netflix. The anticipation of the Hustle movie is high from the audience and it will be a treat to see whether the movie is able to fulfil the expectations of the audience or not. 

Check out the official trailer below:

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