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Hulk Hogan Tweeted about the Divorced from Second Wife Jennifer McDaniel and Announced his New Girlfriend Sky

Former WWE champion Hulk Hogan has been recently spotted enjoying time with his new girlfriend Sky. Pictures of the couple recently started circulating, and Hulk Hogan took it upon himself to clear out the air via a tweet on Monday. He tweeted:

“Yo Maniacs, just for the record, the Facebook and Instagram posts are of my girlfriend Sky and me. I am officially divorced. Sorry, I thought everyone already knew, love my Maniacs4Life.”

With this tweet, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan, officially announced his divorce from his second wife, Jennifer McDaniel. The couple got married back in 2010, and their marriage lasted for 11 years. Based on reports by TMZ, Hulk Hogan filed for divorce back in October 2021. Since then, the Hulkster has been often spotted with new lady love. However, the WWE world had no idea about his new blooming love. And the only news everybody had an idea about was Hogan’s health.

Hulk Hogan and His Two Divorces

Before coming into a relationship with Sky, the Hulkster has had two divorces. He was initially married to tv personality Linda Hogan. The couple got married back in December 1983 and split ways in November 2007. They have two kids together, Brooke and Nick Hogan. Moreover, this was Hulk Hogan’s first marriage and his longest marriage.


Then, WWE champion Hulk Hogan married Jennifer McDaniel in 2010, and their marriage lasted a good 11 years before the couple got divorced. Although, the couple has managed to keep the reason for their divorce a secret. And they might not share it any time soon.

Hulk Hogan and Sky Daily

The Hulkster has found himself a new lady love since his divorce. He has been spotted numerous times with 44-year-old Sky Daily, who, just like Hogan’s previous love interests in blonde. Daily is a yoga instructor and an accountant as well. She also has three kids.

Furthermore, the couple was recently spotted on February 26, 2022, at a Bret Michaels concert in Clearwater, Florida. Hogan even posted a snippet from backstage on his Instagram where he can be seen introducing Sky to Michaels. On February 28, 2022, the couple was spotted at a karaoke bar in Tampa Bay. 

Even with all the pictures, it is still unclear when the couple started dating. But it seems like Hulk and Sky Daily are going strong!

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