Huawei Mate X: The Foldable Handset to Release on October 23 Featuring Kirin 900 Chipset

Huawei first revealed glimpse on its new Mate X foldable phones six months ago, and the device is still far beyond our reach.  Since then Huawei has been playing around, giving us expected dates and well, getting our hopes high. 

It was first revealed ha the phone would most likely hit the markets in July. July passed on silently, and we were given the expected date of launch to come in September. However, with September passing off too. New reports reveal that the phone will most likely officially launch somewhere around the end of October, probably October 23. 

Ceo Quotes on the release

However, these new dates are something we can hold onto considering the very CEO himself of the company, Yu Chengdong revealed it. He did so during the launch of the Mate 30 by announcing that Mate X will be available for shipping in a month. 

But this is still merely a guess. That’s because there have been no formal announcements by the company giving a date on when the Mate X will officially release. 

Sources have revealed more insights on the release of the phone, such as it will launch in China first. The company will allow reservations of the phone on the same day. While you have to wait a bit longer for the sales, probably till the first week of November. 

This formidable gaps in the release have given the rival, Samsung, to come across with its foldable phone, a device that causes much hype in the markets. However, this may be a smart move from Huawei’s side. Now they can pull apart their rivals device. And produce a grander version that comes in par with the Samsung foldable phone. 

This might not be a hard thing to achieve as Samsung’s device, which folds inwards is supposedly lighter. However, since after its release, the Tech Giants device is facing many design failures. 

Huawei Mate X Features

The recent reports on the Huawei Mate X reveal that the phone will now come with new changes in contrast with its unveiling earlier this year. These changes have also appeared on the listings on TENAA. Moreover, insights on the specifications of the phone are also available to ease the curiosity. 

The screen display will come at a reasonably impressive 6.60-inch display. With an 1148×2480 pixel density which is a definite selling feature of the phone. Also, Huawei is not coming light with the processer. It promises that the new smartphone will begin featuring the latest processor. Which is released by Huawei that is the HiSilicon Kirin 980

In terms of camera, the phone seems pretty promising too. Although there is no specific detail available on the front camera, however, specifications of the rear camera are available. In collective the Huawei Mate X will house a triple camera set up. Each of the lens sensor present in the device is featuring an impressive pixel capacity consisting of 40 megapixels, 16 megapixels and 8 megapixels, respectively. 

The device will power on the latest Android 9.0 version and will run based on a powerful 8GB RAM. It will also come with an impressive storage capacity of 512 GB while the whole device will gain strength through a 4500 mAh battery. 

The company is releasing only 300,00 units of the Mate X which are adding up on the rarity of the phone.



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