How to Stay Safe While Gaming Online

Staying safe whilst gaming online can help you to keep your identity hidden and keep your personal information safe. Below we look at the best ways that you can keep yourself safe while gaming online.

Never Give Out Any Personal Information

When playing games, especially games online that involve speaking with other players, make sure you do not give out any information that could tell people who you are and where you live. This is why many gaming platforms tell you not to use your own name, or have personal information in your profile. 

Whilst it may be okay to stick with a first name, do not give out any more information to anyone, or talk about anything too personal when gaming with friends, especially if other people are in the chat room and can hear you. Some hackers will attempt to get your details by befriending you online and asking you about yourself. When creating your gaming profile, never use your last name, email, birth year, or your location. If someone seems too interested in who you are or where you live, take a step back and leave the situation. 

Invest In a VPN

One of the easiest ways to stay safe when online gaming is with the use of a VPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, works by rerouting your connection with a secure server. If someone is attempting to get into your system, this can prevent the attack and hide your identity and actual location. If you ever play game on public Wi-Fi, such as on your daily commute, you could be putting yourself in danger. Most of the public Wi-Fi connections you use will not be encrypted. You can use a VPN on all your devices, including your mobile phone. 

You can find VPNs for free, or you can purchase a VPN. Although some free VPNs offer some layer of protection, the best ones are usually those you have to pay for. When playing games, you need a VPN that offers a good speed, so you can continue playing online with ease and without lag. If you need some help choosing a VPN, here are the best gaming VPNs in 2021

Play on Reputable Sites

If you are choosing to play a game that involves having to create a login, or any game that involves adding money to your account, you should only game on reputable sites. If you enjoy playing online casino games, finding the best online casinos ensures that your card details and money are safe. can help you find the UK’s top 10 best online casinos of 2021, so you can play on a reputable site, whilst making the most of bonus spins and welcome bonuses. 

If you aren’t sure if a site is reputable, there are some things you can look out for, such as the website URL, if there is a lock beside the URL, and the quality of the website. You can also search for reviews of a website to check if it is safe. This can keep you protected when playing online, especially where money is involved.

Use Secure Passwords on Each Site

You’ll also need to create a secure password when gaming online that cannot be easily guessed. If you have credit card information on your account, you need to keep this as safe as you would your online banking. This involves creating a password with letters, numbers, and other symbols. Don’t use something that is easy to guess, such as your partner’s name, child’s name, or pet. If you have other social media accounts, someone else online could access these and use what you have uploaded on there as guesses for your password. 

If your password is something as simple as your pet’s name and 123, you could be hacked in a matter of minutes. When creating passwords for online gaming, make sure to use different passwords for each site, as well as your other social media or email accounts. If you use the same password, once someone has access to one thing, they can access everything. Password managers allow you to securely store every password, so all you need to remember is one main password to access every other account. 

Download with Caution

When playing games online, you may need to download a software in order to play. Be aware that some websites will offer free online games but these are not without risk. Do your research before downloading from any website you don’t know and stick to trusted websites, such as Steam. When you download online games, there is the risk of also downloading malware. 

Whenever you download a new game, be sure to use your malware protection software to scan for any signs of malware. If you want to download a mod, make sure this is from a reputable source. Try to stay away from downloading things when you can, as downloading too much will increase the risk of a virus entering your computer. 

Watch Out for Cyberbullying

Unfortunately, some online gamers experience cyberbullying, which is a form of bullying that can ruin your gaming experience. If this happens when you are gaming, the first thing you should do is get out of that game. Do not stand for someone trying to cyberbully you or your friends. You should also block and report any cyberbullies on your online platform, so that they can be dealt with appropriately. 

If you have been hurt or upset by what someone has said about you, speak to someone about it. Take time away from the game to reset. Try not to take anything too personally, especially when it comes to cyberbullying. Do not engage with cyberbullies, as a reaction from yourself could just worsen the situation. This is why it is also important to not have personal information on gaming platforms, so these bullies cannot harass you elsewhere. 

Gaming online is yet another way that hackers can steal your personal information and gain access to other accounts. Although this is not always the case, staying safe and taking precautions when gaming online can ensure that this doesn’t happen.


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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