Warframe Arcanes: Easy Ways I Bet You Never Knew About how to get Warframe Acranes

Warframe Arcanes are special buffs in the game that become activated under various circumstances such as dealing with damage. There are various types of arcane whose level you can raise with time and effort. Since different arcane come for different items and increase your overall performance in Warframe, you need to know how to get them.

We’ve got just the perfect guide for this purpose. Let’s continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Warframe arcanes and ace your skills in Warframe.

Warframe Arcanes

Warframe Arcane Rarity

Warframe Arcanes are easily available in the foundry. You can tell about the rarity of the arcane you have by its colour and design. A legendary Warframe arcane. is the rarest of them all will be platinum in colour whereas the most basic arcane is of bronze colour. The uncommon ones are silver and the rare ones are gold. These are all types of arcanes based on their rarity.

Different Types of Arcanes

You can equip your Warframe or operator with a total of two arcanes. However, if you have an arcane helmet, you can only equip arcane along with Zaws but only with one arcane at a time. Furthermore, you can equip Operator Amps with one arcane as well.

Listed below are the different types of Arcanes for different items:

  • Warframe Arcanes.
  • Operator Arcanes.
  • Modular Weapon Arcanes.
  • Processes to get Various Types of Arcanes.

How to get each different type of arcane?

Warframe Arcanes

Warframe Arcanes

These include Arcane such as Acceleration, Aegis, Blade Charger and many more. To get any Warframe arcane, you will have to kill or even capture Eidolon Teralysts on the plain of Eidolon. Another way to get them is through Gantulysts and Hydrolyst. You will have to kill or capture them as well. Although, winning any of these will provide you with a much rarer arcane than merely killing them.

Warframe Operator Arcanes

This category includes two types of arcanes, namely, Magus Arcanes and Virtuous Arcanes. Both of these arcanes can be attained in different ways and serve for a different purpose.

Magus Warframe Arcanes

These include arcanes such as Vigor, Nourish and Overload. You can get them through Quill Onko or even Little Ducks.

Virtuous Warframe Arcanes

These include arcane such as Tempo, Null and Forge. You can buy these acranes through Quills. However, you can also purchase them from Vox Solaris.

How to get Modular Weapon Arcanes in Warframe?

Modular Arcanes are further subdivided into pax arcane and exodia arcane. Both these arcane are used for different equipment. Keep reading to find out the areas where you can find them.

Pax Arcanes

These arcanes are specially used for Kitguns and include seeker, soar and bolt. You can purchase it from Rude Zuud.

Exodia Arcanes

You can use these arcanes for affecting the Zaws. Some examples of this arcane include Brave, Hunt and Might. The special exodia namely, Exodia Contagion and Exodia Epidemic can be achieved through Operation: Plague Star. All the other arcanes under this category are bought from Hok.

How to Rank up your Warframe Arcanes?

You can raise the level of your arcane to level 5, which will provide you with more benefits. To rank up, you will need more arcane of the same kind. Visit the orbiter and then go to the shop. From there, click on the arcane to rank up. Listed below are the number of arcane needed for each rank:

Rank 0

  • You only need 1 arcane.

Rank 1

  • You need 3 arcanes.

Rank 2

  • You need 6 arcanes.

Rank 3

  • You need 10 arcanes. From this rank onwards, you get an arcane revive.

Rank 4

  • You need 15 arcanes.

Rank 5

  • You need 21 arcanes. After this rank, you cannot level up anymore.

Wrapping Up

With every increase in rank, the number of connectors on the bottom increase. Not only this but the number of chevrons which are present at the top of their icons also increase. Now, you have all the information you need to know about arcanes from its different kinds to how to get it in Warframe. Have fun attaching them to your Warframe, operator, zaws, etc.

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