Minecraft Anvil: Know How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft

Whether you want to repair an item or name it, a Minecraft anvil is your go-to solution. Not only this but you can also use an anvil to enchant items making it one of the most useful things in Minecraft. Additionally, if you drop the anvil at any player or mob, they will receive significant damage.

How to repair using Minecraft Anvil?

Repairing an item by using Anvil is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is place two same things on it. Both entities will combine to restore the at the bottom.

Furthermore, you can also use the materials from the crafting recipe of an item to repair it. You can improve the 1/4 of the item’s maximum durability if you choose to use a single material.

The best part is that all the enchantments of the item will remain. However, repairing any item using Anvil costs experience.

How to enchant using Minecraft Anvil?

The Minecraft Players need an enchanted book to enchant items. Place the thing you want to delight in the first slot and the enchanted book in the second slot. The book is very efficient to craft the items which you need in the game. You can also combine the enchantments of two books by placing them in the two spaces instead. In the end, only one book will be left with a combination of the magic of both books.

How to rename an item using Anvil?

The process of renaming an item costs experience. However, you can use an Anvil to rename any item.

How to Craft a Minecraft Anvil?

Below is a list of that you must have to craft it:

  • 4 Iron Ingots
  • 3 Blocks of Iron
Minecraft Anvil: Know How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft

Once you have all the materials, open the crafting table. You will see a crafting grid of 3×3. Place the materials in the same way as mentioned below.

In the first row, a player will place the three blocks of iron. Put one iron ingot in the middlebox. And at last place, the rest of the three iron ingots.

Finally, on the right side anvil will appear. Drag it to the inventory to use it.

Slightly Damaged Anvil

There is no specific way to craft a damaged anvil. However, anvil becomes slightly damaged when it is used continuously.

Very Damaged Anvil

A player can get very damaged anvil by continually using it as there is no other way to get this item.


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