Minecraft Enchantment Table: A Place to Brew The Magic

Have you built your Minecraft house? Are you looking to become more powerful in this game of blocks? If yes, then we have got the right solution for you. Mine or craft yourself a Minecraft Enchantment Table! The Minecraft enchantment table is nothing but a block, and its powers bestow upon tools, armours, weapons, books, and raw materials is marvellous. Buckle up to find out how to get this table and make the best use of it to become one of the most influential players in the history of Minecraft.

How to Building the Minecraft Enchantment Table?

You will need the following items to build your very own Minecraft enchantment table:

  • Four obsidian.
  • Two diamonds.
  • One book.
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Once you have all the above items, open the crafting menu. You will need to arrange three obsidian in the bottom row and the fourth one in the middle of the grid. In the next step, place the two diamonds besides the obsidian that is in the centre. The final step would be putting the book in the centre of the topmost row. Now look at your right, an enchanting table has appeared. Drag this table in your inventory.

Once you have placed the table which is 3/4 blocks high, go and interact with it to open a new interface. In the new interface, on the left side, you will place the item you want to enchant and lapis lazuli due to which on the right side a scripture will appear indicating that a random enchantment has enrolled.

Sadly, you can not choose an enchantment. The table randomly will provide you with magic. Most of the times, these enchantments are useful, and sometimes you just need to have patience!

The Process of Enchanting Materials

You can enchant materials in Minecraft by three methods which have been listed below.

Minecraft Enchantment Table Method #1

Use the Minecraft enchanting table by using experience and lapis lazuli and get an enchanted item.

Minecraft Enchantment Table Method #2

Use experience at a Minecraft anvil to combine an unenchanted item and an enchanted book. By doing this, it will give you an enchanted item.

Minecraft Enchantment Table Method #3

You can also enhance an item at the anvil by combing two magical items and creating one thing that will have both the enchantments.

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List of Special Enchantments to Craft at Minecraft Enchantment Table

Minecraft Enchantment Table – Aqua Affinity

This enchantment will increase the rate of mining underwater.

Minecraft Enchantment Table – Blast Protection

Get yourself protected from explosions via Blast Protection.

Minecraft Enchantment Table – Bane of Arthropods

It will enhance the damage given to arthropods. However, it is exclusive to smile and sharpness.

Minecraft Enchantment Table – Curse of Binding

It will not allow players to remove items.

Minecraft Enchantment Table – Curse of Vanishing

The item with this power will automatically destroy itself on death.

Minecraft Enchantment Table – Efficiency

Get ready to mine faster with efficiency.

Minecraft Enchantment Table – Channelling

This enchantment will only work during thunderstorms and is only applied to the Minecraft Trident. It can channel a bolt of lightning towards the entity that you have hit.

Minecraft Enchantment Table – Depth Strider

Players can now move fast underwater because of Depth Strider


Give more damage to your opponents through arrows with this enchantment.


Save time and fish faster with a lure.

Luck of the Sea

Get better luck when catching fish with this power.

Projectile Protection

If you have projectile protection, no projectile can give you a lot of damage.


This is one of our favourites. It will decrease the damage taken from sources.


Shoot 3 arrows at the cost of 1 with Multishot. It is exclusive with piercing.


Mending allows you to fix items by using experience.


Your arrows just got more powerful. Needles that are enchanted with a piercing can go through 2 enemies. It is exclusive with multishot.


Looting will help you collect more loot from mobs.


The trident you threw at someone or something will come back to you with loyalty. However, it is mutually exclusive with the riptide.


Your arrows will hit with much more power via punch.


Set your targets on fire by using arrows that have this enchantment.

Quick Charge

Your crossbow will get reloaded very fast with this enchantment enabled.

Silk Touch

It is an enchantment that will enable many blocks to drop despite their everyday items when you are mining.


Swords and axes enchanted with sharpness will provide more damage. Use it with smite and bane of arthropods.


Travel with your trident every time you throw it with riptide. The downside is that this effect works only during rain or in water. It is exclusive with channelling and loyalty enchantments.


You can swim underwater much more longer via Respiration.


Make your items more durable with unbreaking.


Provide more knock-back with this ability.


Thorns in an enchantment for armour. Attackers will suffer damage when they hit a player who is wearing this enchanted armour.

Sweeping Edge

Sweeping attacks get enhanced with sweeping edge.


Mobs that are still alive will get significant damage through smite which works along with Sharpness and Bane of Arthropods.

Feather Falling

As the name suggests, fall down and get very little damage.

Fire Aspect

Set any target on fire when this enchantment is enabled on a tool and that tool is used to attack.

Fire Protection

Fire will no longer be dangerous when a player has fire protection.


More and more block drops will happen with this enchantment which works mutually with Silk Touch.


When the impaling enchantment is added to a trident, it increases the damage of the trident on all sea creatures such as guardians, squids, dolphins, etc.

Frost Walker

It is an enchantment for boots that turn everything under it into ice. It cant be used in Tandem with Death Strider.


Throw as many arrows as you want without the cost of a single one.

How to get better Enchantments from Minecraft Enchantment Table?

A player can get better enchantments when the table is placed between bookshelves. The highest upgrade of the table is a level 30 enchant which can be achieved by placing it in between 15 bookshelves. Next, there will be two slots on your interface. Fill the left one with a tool and the right space with Lapis Lazuli. You can place as many as 3 Lapis Lazuli depending on the enchant you are going for.

Also, your enchantments much depend on your experience level. The more experience you have, the better the enchantments.

There is also an alternative via which you can save any enchantment, in case you don’t have a tool to enchant at that time. The option is by placing a book and make it an enchanted one.

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