House of the Dragon Episode 3 Ending Explained

House of Dragon has revived the Game of Thrones fandom which felt betrayed after the finale of the show. However, with a similar setting and an even more intense storyline the writers have won back the fandom. Recently the finale of the third episode of House of The Dragon left the fans amazed and confused. Gradually the plot is thickening. We are all here for it! To read more about House of Dragon Episode 3 ending, continue reading the article!

A third fully grown dragon has debuted in the third episode. This dragon will add more to the lore. And now we are even more curious about Seasmoke. Especially after what we read about him in the books. Sea Smoke was quite helpful in the last battle of the War of the Stepstones. So, we need to give him credit there. 

The scenes of House of The Dragon Episode 3 ending were preparing the fans for something shocking

First we need to clear the query regarding Laenor Velaryon. After all who is he and from where did Seasmoke come into the picture? Coryls Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen share a son together who happens to be Laenor Velaryon. Laenor played a heroic role in the third episode with the help of his dragon. Well, now he has become an integral part of the fight against Crabfeeder. Things are about to become a lot more twisted. Moreover, the court showed interest in marrying Nova to Viserys. But it looks like they’ll soon realize that Laenor is the one who will make the best match for Rhaenyra.

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Ending Explained
House of the Dragon Episode 3 Ending Explained

What do you think will happen with these siblings? Let us know in the comments below! In the upcoming episode we’ll also get to see an older version of Laenor. John MacMillan will play this role. 

Now those who have read the books must have spotted that Sea Smoke is not exactly the same as George R.R Martin described in the books. But it is normal for adaptations to have certain changes. Seasmoke has already proved to be an asset to the army. And he has an even more important role in the upcoming civil war that will soon break out. Seasmoke is a young dragon hence he seems more noble than the other dragons that we have seen in the previous episodes.

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Daemon seemed very angry towards the ending of the third episode. Which means that he is about to do something drastic in the 4th one. As we saw Daemon finally succeeded in killing Crabfeeder once and for all. Daemon has succeeded but the ending did not suggest something positive for Rhaenyra. So, we should really look out for the character in the 4th episode of House of The Dragon! Now it is clear that Rhaenrya is the true heir of the Iron Throne. However, to get her deserved rights she must marry a man. But the third episode starts with a time jump and slowly we realize that Rhaenyra has actually grown distant from his father. So, this stop story might rest for now.


Her relationship with her father deteriorated due to the fact that he married her best friend, Alicent. Although the viewers expected to see them drift further apart this doesn’t seem like it will happen. Alicent still has a soft spot for Rhaenyra and they are both still each other’s last hope. This is evident from the fact that Alicent defended Rhaenyra when some women were trying to degrade her. However, with the footage that we have it looks like until the new cast will take over the roles this relationship will be over.

After the time jump of the third episode Rhaenyra is now of legal age. Which means that Viserys will now force her even harder to marry. In the ending we saw how Viserys comforted Rhaenyra that he was not trying to replace her. In fact he wants her to take over the kingdom! However, Otto Hightower is a problem. Now it is for the 4th episode to tell how they’ll deal with this issue.

So, that was a brief outlook on House of the Dragon Episode 3 ending. For more such updates don’t forget to bookmark this page!


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