Hollywood’s Iatse Votes to Ratify Its New Contract, but Controversy Remains

After ending a constant tension between the biggest union and the studio that clearly affected the strike action taken last month. It has now finally been resolved by IATSE for another union and probably a new one after constant negotiations being done for months.

However, after the vote, it was clear that IATSE’s members could never be completely sure about the recent deal, and which in turn means that this plan might not work for a long-term proposal for helping workers.

According to the reports, this new deal provides a total of  54 hours weekend plan or rest periods along with at least 10-hour changes between shifts including all the members. Other than that a total of 3% raise annually will also be provided along with raised pay for all the member who has the lowest pay.

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This in turn means an increase in health plans and pensions as well. A total of 72% vote was given by the International Alliance Employees’s union members. Even though the leadership of IATSE had managed to arrange for the vote last month and it was still not successfully done.

A total vote of 52% was made by the members for the Area Agreement. This agreement covers a total of 23 local unions all across America. Another Basic Agreement that covered 13 Coast locals was, in general, voted in against 50.4% votes was in favor with 49.6% votes.

Hollywood's Iatse
Hollywood’s Iatse

Moreover, the entire procedure of casting a vote works in a different way, and in turn, it was seen that both the agreements were made officially valid. A total of 256 people cast their vote for the Basic Agreement, in a ratio of 188 against, the agreement of the Area Standards.

IATSE International President Matthew Loeb said that from beginning till the end for preparation of having a valid contract declare this process was the best process to do so.

He further added that all the debates, such as high turnouts, and great election shows that they have built an opportunity to educate the people participating in their bargaining process. So that there id more number of participants in the union.

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In October, a total of 90% of the members of IATSE casted their votes in favor of the strike. However, certain actions took place after the union’s negotiations came down. It brought a huge awareness to the public and the difficulties faced by people who helped bring these TV shows and movies to life.

In turn, it showed a lot of people who faced a lot of long hours and other residuals of work. However, after the was planned to be taken action on Monday, a sudden deal was sent just the day before mentioning union back down.

Hollywood’s IATSE Votes to Ratify Its Validatde New Contract, But Controversy Remains

However, for all the Hollywood studios, such a big step won’t be taken, After that, a lot of members of IATSE spent a few months criticizing the plan and also said that the profits for this plan were not enough vast convince the union members to take down the strike and accept the negotiation. Moreover, facing criticism for the recent deal didn’t hamper the productions.

But canceling lunch breaks rudely will be charged new punishments mentioned any worker working for straight 8 hours with no break and ni charges for those missed breaks will have consequences. Other than that it was even pointed by criticisms that there will be missing residuals for all the pension plans which was a big target for the strike,

And after casting the vote the IATSE participants have clearly shown there for the result of the vote. Also points out that the gains shown in the plan won’t be enough for the people. However, this plan was a mere disappointment for all the people to help them get more advantage from the plan. But it is expected that a new vote would be held again in 2024.

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