Harmony The Fall Of Reverie Will Be Available On Switch And PC On June 8

The publisher and developer, DON’T NOD, is back with another fantastic game, Harmony The Fall of Reverie, which will be released in 2023 on Switch, PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series. What makes the release of this game even more exciting is that it is nothing like the games previously made by the developer, with the genre for it shifting towards a visual novel, meaning every decision taken by the player will impact the overall journey of the main character, Polly.

The game has undoubtedly already created an enormous fan base eager to know its release date and if they can access it anytime soon. After all, many developers are releasing early access these days for gamers to try out the game and recommend a few changes before it officially releases. If you, too, have enjoyed the other games by DON’T NOD and are looking forward to playing Harmony The Fall of Reverie, keep reading because we’ve got some juicy details!

Harmony The Fall Of Reverie Release Date

The game, Harmony The Fall of Reverie, will release on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on June 8, 2023. However, the game will release a few days later, on June 22, for users of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series. The developer and publisher, DON’T NOD, has confirmed these release dates.

Harmony The Fall Of Reverie Will Be Available On Switch And PC On June 8
Harmony The Fall Of Reverie Will Be Available On Switch And PC On June 8

What is the game about?

The game takes place in the future and revolves around Polly. She had been overseas for a while and was now back home looking for her missing mother, only to realise that her hometown was nothing like she had left. She also finds out that MK, a megacorporation, is controlling the population, and because of this, the people around her are in danger.

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Soon after, Polly finds out that she has been blessed with clairvoyance, a power that connects her to another world, Reverie. In this world, Polly is referred to as Harmony, the goddess who takes all the decisions. The people residing in this realm are the Aspirations of Humanity: Glory, Bliss, Power, Chaos, Bond, and Truth. Now, Polly must decide which Aspiration will control Reverie, and in doing so, she must also restore the balance between her world and this new world.

Harmony The Fall Of Reverie Gameplay

Throughout the game, players must decide their destiny as Polly or Harmony. They will have to make decisions that will affect the narrative paths and both the worlds around Polly. 

Players will also be able to look into the future and explore the various options along with their consequences in the Augural. This game board is a visual representation of Harmony’s gift of foresight and will play a key role in assisting players in taking the right decision. 

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Furthermore, whichever Aspiration ultimately rules over Reverie will also become the core of humanity. All six Aspirations are quite different from one another, so you must take each decision wisely and choose the ruler of Reverie after a lot of thought. However, you will not have to select the Aspiration immediately and will also get time to know each of them. This way, you will know which Aspiration will be the best choice.

Finally, as you find the new heart of humanity, enjoy Harmony The Fall of Reverie and the two bright and vibrant worlds which are completely different from each other.

Harmony The Fall Of Reverie Trailer

A gameplay trailer was recently released for the narrative adventure-based game. This 2 minutes and 11-second trailer shares with players what they are in for as they watch Polly struggle between the two worlds. The trailer also confirms that players will be playing Harmony The Fall Of Reverie as Polly, and every decision they take will affect the game’s narrative path and the world’s future.

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Overall, the official gameplay trailer introduces players to the game and its setting, story, and characters. You can check it out on Youtube!

So, are you excited for Harmony The Fall Of Reverie? Are you planning to play it, or is this game a miss for you? Let us know in the comments!


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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