Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Updates

Harley Quinn Season 3 has reached the audio mixing stage. Patrick Schumacker has confirmed the same. Harley Quinn Season is an adult animation that is based on DC Comics characters and since its debut in 2019, it has remained a huge hit on the landscape of television. Kayley Cuoco who has previously appeared on The Big Bang Theory has been leading the voice of Harley Quinn in the series. Season 3 was announced back in September 2020 but since then, there was a long gap of silence and the progress on Harley Quinn Season 3 was unknown. However, now that it has entered the audio mixing stage, it is back on news. 

On 3rd March, Schumacker tweeted a shot of Harley and Poison Ivy, which is voiced by Lake Bell with the announcement that the first audio mix of Harley Quinn Season 3 is completed and that it is happening. 

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Harley Quinn Season 3: Storyline

Harley Quinn Season 3: Storyline
Harley Quinn Season 3: Storyline

Justin Halpern, who is the collaborator of Schumacher, has provided an insight into Harley Quinn Season 3 in 2020. The plot of Season 3 will revolve around the question: what would someone do if in their entire life they have been in a toxic and bad relationship? How will they feel and handle it when they are finally in a good relationship? What about the baggage that they will carry from their toxic relationship into the new one? Will that work? For answering the same, the makers have dug into the character of Harley and Ivy. Basically, in Season 3, the makers will try to dive deeper into the life of Ivy and most of the plot will come from her point of view. This will bring a fresh perspective to Harley Quinn Season 3 which has never been explored before. 

Schumacher, Dean Lorey and Justin Halpern are creating and executive producing the show. Harley Quinn previously premiered only on DC Universe but then moved to HBO Max. Both the first and second seasons of Harley Quinn has received critical acclaim for its character development, animation, dark humour and vocal performance. It will be premiering after a long gap of two years. 

The first look of Harley Quinn Season 3 has been revealed in October 2021. Recently, Season 3 was also in the news because DC has cut an explicit sex scene between Catwoman and Batman owing to the fear of toy sales for the Dark Knight. 

Audio mixing typically arrives at a later stage of post-production of the movie. With the revelation that the audio mixing of Season 3 is now completed, it can be safely concluded that it will be released soon. It is expected that Season 3 will be premiering sometime later this year. The previous two seasons of Harley Quinn are currently available on HBO Max. Season 3 belongs to the superhero, crime, action and black comedy genre. It is based on Harley Quinn by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. The running time of Season 3 will be around 23 minutes. Yes, Norman Production, Ehsugadee Productions and DC Entertainment are the production companies of Harley Quinn Season 3. Warner Bros. Television Studios is the distributor of the show. In Season 3, the viewers will see Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Tony Hale, Ron Funches, Jason Alexander and J.B. Smoove. Once additional information on Season 3 is announced, we will be updating the same. It will be available on HBO Max too. 

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