EntertainmentHacks Season 3 Release Date on HBO Max

Hacks Season 3 Release Date on HBO Max

Great news for fans of ‘Hacks’ because HBO Max has reportedly renewed the series for a third season! This news came just two weeks after the release of the second season’s finale because the show got a phenomenal response from the viewers. But now the question arises what will unroll in Hacks Season 3? Your answer lies in the article below!

The second season of Hacks ended on a very high note, the events affected almost every mainstream character in the show, which is the concerning part. Many were even scared that they might not get a third season because the writers pretty much wrapped up a lot of storylines in the last episode. But HBO Max had other plans! So, expect new beginnings in Hacks Season 3, which will soon be on your screens.

Hacks Season 3 Cast

HBO Max is yet to announce the official cast lineup for Hacks Season 3. But we can predict who will return based on the events of the 2nd season. We will be getting Deborah (Jean Smart) and Ava (Hannah Einbinder). And if you’ve streamed the sequel, you must have noticed that the writers included some exclusive scenes of real-life comedians. And this trend will most likely get followed into the third installment. 

Hacks Season 3 Cast
Hacks Season 3 Cast

Of course, our other beloved supporting characters will also return. They are as follows:

  • Carl Clemons Hopkins as Marcus
  • Paul W. Downs as Jimmy
  • Megan Statler as Kayla 
  • Rose Abdoo as Josefina
  • Kaitlin Olson as Dj Vance
  • Lorenza Izzo as Ruby

Marty Ghilain (Christopher McDonald) finally got married in the third season, but that does not mean that his feelings for Deborah don’t mean anything. This could be preparing the story for a very twisted love triangle. The real-life comedians who are expected to make cameos are now unknown. And this news is usually kept hidden from the fans. So, if we get to know about their involvement in the season, we’ll update this site. 

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Hacks Season 3 Release Date

Hacks Season 3 does not have a confirmed release date yet. HBO Max only announced the renewal news. However, the past two seasons have followed a pattern. Both seasons premiered in May. So, expect the third season of Hacks to release somewhere in May 2023. At the moment, we are not aware whether the filming for the upcoming installment has begun or not. 

Hacks Season 3 Release Date
Hacks Season 3 Release Date

Of course, the streaming site would not have let go of such a good show because it has bagged around 15 Emmy nominations in the past! And the latest season broke streaming records of the first season too. So, this was inevitable. 


The circumstances of the second season pushed Deborah and Ava out of their comfort zones. There were several instances where they weren’t themselves. So, their relationship is highly likely to be further explored in the upcoming season. Although Deborah fired Ava in the final moments of the second season, there is still potential in their story. Of course, the writers will not let go of the main couple because Deborah took these extreme measures only to help Ava grow. 

Jen Statsky revealed in an interview that the show was meant to explore the characters rather than keep them grounded in the same situation. He wants them to evolve in the new environment and show that to the audience. So, the story seems real. So, should we expect more of the character development of Deborah and Ava? Well, that is for Hacks Season 3 to tell!

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Deborah has now started gaining fame and recognition, so not only is her life changing but the life of her peers are also evolving. Marcus will continue helping Deborah in expanding her business. But we are not sure whether he’ll get back with Wilson. Well, that is a story for another day! Ava, the co-writer of ‘My Bad,’ has started landing many high-profile jobs too. 

Unfortunately, this is all that we can say about the plot of the upcoming installment of Hacks because there is no plot synopsis yet. 

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HBO Max has not released the trailer or footage from Hacks Season 3. Mainly because the production is yet to start. However, if you still haven’t streamed the second season of Hacks, make sure that you watch it immediately! Because you’re surely missing out. 

Well, that was all about the third season of Hacks. For more updates, stay tuned! 

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Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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