GTA V How to steal a Lamborghini from Police?

Lamborghini’s are elite cars that are owned by the richest of the rich. However, this doesn’t stop the layman from dreaming about having one. Well, just because you can’t have a Lamborghini in real life doesn’t mean you can’t have one in GTA V as well! In fact, we’ve found an extremely easy way for all GTA V players to get Lamborghini’s. Since every police department has a Lamborghini in it, we recommend stealing one from there. Now, of course, this is going to be risky but the risks are well worth it because once you get your hands on this car, you will never want to drive any other. Keep on reading to find out how to steal a Lamborghini from the police department in GTA V. 

What do you need before attempting to steal your dream car? 

GTA V Lamborghini

If you walk inside the police headquarters in your ordinary clothes, obviously you’re going to be searched and questioned. To avoid all this, you need to get your hands on a police uniform. Just find a lone police officer (in the street or outside the police station), pull out your knife, and kill him. However, make sure to clean all the blood to reduce your chances of getting caught. Next, you will also need an identity card in case someone asks you for it. Once you have both these items, you are all set to break into the police department and steal your dream car. 

How to steal a GTA V Lamborghini from the police department? 

Now that you have your police uniform on, walk casually. Do not pull out your gun or knife or any other weapon to prevent people from being suspicious. Also, try to avoid cameras and police checkpoints because you might just get caught.

Next, make your way to the bottom floor of the police station. Here, you will see a gate named to exit. Leave through this door and you will spot an indoor garage with a Lamborghini parked in it! Quickly make your way into it and drive away. Keep in mind that sometimes the Lamborghini may be parked in the parking lot or somewhere outside within the premises of the headquarters. Thoroughly look everywhere until you find it. We also recommend having an escape vehicle parked near the headquarters in case things go south and you get spotted. You can quickly sit in your vehicle and escape in such a scenario.

What should you do now that you have your GTA V Lamborghini?

After you’ve got your hands on the police department’s Lamborghini, drive away into a tunnel. This is because once you leave the police headquarters, you will start getting chased by officers. The best way to escape them is to drive into an underground tunnel where they won’t follow you. Once you are safe from them, exit the tunnel and make your way to a trusted repair shop (contact Benny and he will take care of all your car problems). The repair shop will fix your car and respray it so that it doesn’t look like the police’s Lamborghini anymore. 

Final Verdict-

GTA V is a thrilling adventure game that is almost everybody’s absolute favorite game. Its fun cars, thrilling escapes, and exhibiting missions make everybody fall in love with it immediately!


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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