Genshin Impact Royal Bow: Get it Like a Pro

Among the Genshin impact weapons, the royal bow is an extremely strapping weapon that comes with 4-star. Genshin Impact Royal Bow is primarily available in the game for hunting targets from distant. This bow also allows the players to inflict damage and poke enemies from afar. However, this bow isn’t powerful compared to other weapons. But it can still deliver fast and continuous shots to engulf the threats.

As per the prophecy, it is a part of mondstadt dynasty. Hence every player in the game can’t equip it. Nevertheless, alternatively, only certain playable characters can use it during the battle. In the starting, you may find it an improved version of the basis bows, but after a few upgrades, this weapon can fire off arrows with great force.

To have a royal bow in your party’s user bow, you must be at least 1 Bow user to make it straightforward to kill the enemies at a distance. It offers a base ATK of 42 with an additional 9% damage points and some Bonus Effect.

How To Unlock Genshin Impact Royal Bow?

Between February 1st to March 1st, players can pick it up from Paimon’s Bargains. During the period, all the gamers will have an opportunity to roll using their Primogems, Masterless Starglitter, and Masterless Stardust to acquire the Royal Bow. To obtain it, players need to be lucky enough, as getting it totally depends on the player rolls every time.

As luck would have it, the possibility of earning this weapon much easier than rolling for a particular character. Thus, we can only assume that players may trip the royal bow while pulling from a certain banner. If you fail to get it even after several attempts, we must recommend that you keep trying until you get it. Because after the next update the item won’t be available as they will remove it to put something new on its place.


The thing about Genshin impact Royal Bow is that it completely depends on your luck. Furthermore, the process to have it can be very long and tedious, or you can say nearly impossible at higher levels. Although, players can use real money to increase their chances of getting this magnificent bow or characters they need.

The process to get a royal bow in Genshin Impact may be full of excitement & addictive. Throughout the procedure, a few players may get carried away with the whole process. Therefore, we suggest you set your limits as this bow can be yours if you have time (money) to put in the game.

Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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