Eminem Seeks Protective Order in Trademark Dispute Case

The ongoing trademark dispute between Eminem and Real Housewives of Potomac stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon has seen some intense advancements. In recent news, Eminem sought a protective order, and to know what it was about, keep reading the article. 

Eminem Seeks Protective Order: The Real Story

Recently, Eminem sought a protective order against appearing in person in court. Eminem submitted the protective order to the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal as part of his ongoing trademark dispute with the reality stars. If his request gets approved, the rapper will not need to attend an in-person deposition.

Legal proceedings commenced in February when the rapper contested Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon’s trademark application for their podcast, ‘Reasonably Shady.‘ Eminem argues that the name closely resembles his well-known moniker, which will potentially confuse consumers.

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This protective order was established when the reality stars sought Eminem’s presence in the physical deposition. In response, the rapper’s legal team argued that the request for Eminem to attend was “premature and procedurally improper.” They based this argument on the fact that the two podcast hosts “have yet to serve” Eminem “with a notice of deposition, a necessary prerequisite for taking and requesting that the Board compel a deposition.

Eminem Seeks Protective Order
Eminem Seeks Protective Order in Trademark Dispute Case

Moreover, Dixon and Gizelle still need to clarify their specific demands from the rapper. They have also not outlined more convenient and less burdensome alternatives. Therefore, it appears unnecessary for Eminem to be present in person at this stage.

Rather than appearing in person, Eminem has nominated a list of three representatives who are highly qualified to handle the legal discussions. Among these representatives is the rapper’s manager, Paul Rosenberg.

Eminem’s legal documents mention that he thinks the Real Housewives cast members are mistaken in insisting that he should be required to undergo a deposition. Eminem’s legal team asserts that Bryant and Dixon persistently want to depose Eminem, so they have requested a protective order to prevent this deposition.

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Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon’s Views About the Ongoing Trademark Battle

The podcast “Reasonably Shady,” initiated by Gizelle and Dixon in 2021, covers various topics such as dating, relationships, marriage, entrepreneurship, motherhood, style, glam, current events, etc. As their popularity grew, the podcast’s name drew the attention of the renowned rapper Eminem.

Even before the legal dispute with the rap star began, The Green Eyed Bandits, also known as the duo, faced criticism from their fans. Robyn, in particular, received backlash for attempting to limit information about her life to Patreon podcast members. Soon after, the duo was embroiled in another controversy about using the word “shady” in their podcast title.

Furthermore, they trademarked the name to expand their business by selling merchandise such as t-shirts, lipgloss, and other products. However, their plans faced opposition when Eminem contested their trademark request in February 2023.

Eminem Seeks Protective Order
Eminem Seeks Protective Order in Trademark Dispute Case

The artist worries about how the podcast’s synonymous name might damage his brand because he is primarily known by a few of his monikers, mainly ‘Shady’ or ‘Slim Shady.’

In response to Eminem’s opposition, the reality TV stars attempted to reject the claim. However, their persistent efforts to make Eminem appear in person ultimately prompted the rapper to seek a protective order. According to his team, these requests were deemed illogical and energy-draining, as Eminem’s representatives can address the trademarking matters.

To make things more complicated, Eminem has already trademarked the word shady. He has “exclusively used both ‘Slim Shady’ and ‘Shady’ for entertainment services since 1998 and owns the trademark for ‘Shady’ to use on merch.

Well, that was everything you needed to know about ‘Eminem Seeks Protective Order.’ With the advancement of this legal battle, more information will come forward. So, keep an eye out; we will update this site immediately!

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